Vikings season 2 episode 3
What will happen next week on "Vikings"? Vikings

It looks like a lot of backs will be stabbed in the coming episode of “Vikings” — or at least, that’s what we’re led to think from the title of episode 3, “Treachery.” The last time we saw the “Vikings” they were raiding England. And doing a pretty fabulous job, too, if you ask us. Not only did the bearded boys survive through ship-wrecking storms and avoid crashing into rocks, but they also thrived during a surprise battle with the armored men of Wessex.

Even after getting ambushed, the Vikings destroyed the Saxons, killing all but two, who eventually explained where exactly the Vikings had arrived. The two survivors alerted the Vikings that they had touched the ground of King Ecbert. When Ragnar asked who this king was, he was told that Ecbert is said to be just like the earl — which means finally Ragnar will have some competition.

The official synopsis for episode 3 explains that the Wessex raid will be in full swing during “Treachery.” King Ecbert will find himself facing a new kind of foe while Ragnar focuses on dominating the west. “A new kind of foe?” We wonder what that means. Could Ragnar be the first man to ever make Ecbert sweat? We can’t wait to see the farmer challenge the famous king.

But Ragnar won’t be the only one stepping on toes during next week’s episode. Jarl Borg will reportedly be making his own plans in Kattegat while Ragnar is away, and we don’t think the Earl is going to like what his friend his doing. Borg feels betrayed that Ragnar had excluded him from the raid. Initially, the scorned Viking tried to manipulate Rollo to abandon his brother. But after getting punched in the face, it looks like the blond Viking will be attempting to seek vengeance another way.

With Rollo still in Kattegat, will Borg be able to rule the village where the Vikings reside? Or will Rollo step in before his brother’s land is taken over? As we said before, episode 3 of “Vikings” will be full of “treacherous” behavior. We just can’t wait to see who will be left standing!

What are you predictions for next week’s episode? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Vikings” next Thursday.