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What happened in episode 2 of "Vikings"? Vikings

Is it just us, or have things seriously changed since we last saw our fierce “Vikings?” When episode 2, “Invasion,” began we learned that the plot of the beloved History Channel series had progressed four years into the future. Not only has the weather grown colder but the characters of the historic show have aged as well, including Ragnar and Aslaug’s sons. That’s right, sons. Remember when the princess was pregnant with her first child? Well, now Ragnar and Aslaug’s family has expanded rapidly.

Perhaps growth is the theme of episode 2. One of the first scenes of “Invasion” is Ragnar giving a speech to his community regarding their anticipated raid in England.

“It has taken a long time to prepare ourselves, to rebuild our ships and to replace the men we lost in the plague,” the earl said. “This summer we can finally go west again. We can return to England. We shall not go alone. King Horik and Jarl Borg will join us.”

Ragnar went on to say that once arriving to England, the Vikings planned on exploring the land. “These are interesting times. The world is changing and we must change with it. We must act together. For everyone’s sake,” he said.

After the news, Siggy seeks out Rollo and gives him the ultimatum of asking his brother for the chance to raid or to have a blade shoved “into his ribs.” Rollo opts out of the latter and pays a visit to the brother he once tried to kill.

“So, where have you been for so long, brother?” Ragnar asked.

“Carrying around my heavy heart, cursing the gods, cursing myself,” Rollo replied. “I remember when we were boys we often fought against each other. Isn’t that often the way with brothers? They hate and love each other all the time.”

“Tell me why should I ever trust you again?” Ragnar asked, trying to cut to the chase.

“Because I ask you to,” Rollo stated. The treacherous brother yearned for an opportunity to gain Ragnar’s respect and to fight alongside his kin once again in battle.

“Let me think on it and I will give you my decision. You broke my heart,” the earl confessed.

But Ragnar isn’t the only one with a broken heart. Aslaug is getting a taste of her own medicine when she spotted her husband flirting with a young girl. She warns the father of the children that she has certain gifts. “I see things others can not,” she said.

With that said, Aslaug predicted that the child growing in her womb would be born with a serpent in his eye.

Hearing that, Ragnar decided to visit a prophet to ask about his sons.

“One will marry daughter of king, another will sail sea with no tides,” the prophet said. That’s when Ragnar asked about Bjorn. “It was of him I was speaking,” the mysterious man replied. That wasn’t the only time Ragnar had brought up the son who left him years earlier to live with his mother. While feasting before the raid, the earl opened up to King Horik’s 17-year-old son that he too has a boy his age.

Perhaps because family was on Ragnar’s mind, he accepted his brother back into his life. “I acknowledge you as my brother but I forbid you to raid with us.”

“I accept your judgment,” the disappointed Rollo replied. But the bearded Viking wasn’t the only one turned away before the raid. After witnessing Ragnar ban his brother for lack of trusts, Horik told his friend that he didn’t think it was wise to raid with Borg.

After Ragnar breaks his promise to Borg, the vengeance-seeking Viking cozies up to Rollo. Borg tells Rollo to abandon his brother for good, which is when the angry warrior gets a fist to the face. We doubt Rollo will ever go against his brother again.

While Rollo stays faithful to his family, Siggy has decided to take the road less travel by using her good looks to deceive those in power. Rollo’s love dishes information about Ragnar to Horik.

“It is always a strength to know the weakness of your friends,” she implied. Then to establish trust, the two sleep with each other.

But the drama doesn’t start until Ragnar and his men reach England. After surviving storms and dodging rocks, the Vikings make their way to Wessex. But they don’t realize where they are until after they are attacked by men sporting steel suits.

The Vikings completely slaughtered the shielded men—all but two who then informed them that the land they stand on belongs to King Ecbert. According to rumors, the king is “just like Ragnar.” Looks like Ragnar will finally meet his match!

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