“Vikings” Season 4 Spoilers
The “Vikings” cast is giving fans a sneak-peek look at the Season 4 set of the History Channel series. History Channel

“Vikings” may not be airing the second half of its fourth season until the fall but the cast of the History Channel series is giving fans something tasty to chew on until the delicious drama returns. Recently, actor Alex Hogh Anderson, who portrays Ivar the Boneless on the epic show, posted a behind-the-scenes photo from the Season 4 set.

The image showed the crew of “Vikings” pulling a prank on Anderson while the worn out warrior took a little nap during filming. “When you try to grab a quick nap on set...” Anderson captioned the photo of his friend giving the slumbering actor bunny ears.

Apparently the actor was tuckered out from filming with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whose mysterious role in the upcoming installment has yet to be revealed. “First scene with Johnny (Rhys Meyers) today btw,” the actor divulged. “He’s absolutely phenomenal. Top notch.”

Anderson isn’t the only one who thinks Meyers is a great addition to the cast. History Channel president Jana Bennett previously gushed about the actor’s debut on “Vikings” after the show was renewed for a 20-episodic Season 5.

“The brilliant writing and depth of historical research and authenticity brought to the screen by [show runner] Michael Hirst paired with our talented cast and crew, has made this series one of the most compelling, visually stunning historical dramas on television,” Bennett said in March in a press release. “‘Vikings’ has raided the hearts of audiences and we are thrilled that Jonathan Rhys Myers will become a bigger part of the History family after his incredible performance in our upcoming production of ‘Roots.’”

Meyers has previously worked alongside Hirst, having starred in “The Tudors” — a Showtime drama created by Hirst, which ran for four seasons before concluding in 2010.

“Vikings” with return to History Channel in the fall with the second half of its fourth season.