A golf club general manager has been arrested after a phone taking illegal photos and videos was discovered by a club employee in the dressing room. MiamiAccidentLawyer/Pixabay


  • A 55-year-old general manager of a golf club was charged with unlawful filming of women in a restroom
  • A golf club employee discovered the mobile phone that police traced to the club's general manager
  • A 35-year-old man got detained after police found illicit videos and photos on his phone in Woodbridge

A 55-year-old man has been arrested and charged with illegally recording women in a restroom of the top public-access courses in Virginia.

Craig Robert Luckey of Woodbridge, Virginia, was arrested on Friday after a club employee reportedly found the general manager's phone recording in one of the stalls at the Potomac Shores Golf Club in Dumfries, Virginia, according to a police report obtained by Golfweek.

In an excerpt from the Prince William County Police Department, an unnamed employee allegedly notified police when they found the phone. Authorities traced the phone to Luckey. The device may have been recording on and off for the past few months.

The 55-year-old is facing five counts of unlawful filming. His court date was set for July 20.

Cops served a search warrant to check on Luckey's home. Additional charges were filed, and more could be added with the investigation ongoing.

In related news, a 35-year-old man has also been arrested for unlawful filming inside a Forever 21 dressing room in Potomac Mills Mall last week.

According to employees, Chien Nan Chen was in the dressing room area of the store and was recording other customers in adjacent dressing rooms using a mobile phone. He was able to record the clips when he placed the cell phone through a gap where partition walls met the floor, WUSA9 reported.

The employees promptly reported the incident to the Prince William County Police, who found Chen still in the dressing room. The suspect was eventually detained.

Authorities obtained a phone of Chen that reportedly contained multiple disturbing videos and photos believed to have been taken over two years.

Chen is now being charged with unlawful filming and is currently held without bond pending a court appearance.

Prince William County Police are still investigating the case of Chen. They are following up on the identities of the people captured on the mobile phone. Additionally, authorities are trying to determine when the offenses occurred.

A man has been arrested for taking unlawful videos at a dressing room mall. pixabay