An elementary school teacher has been arrested for molesting at least three young students in California. VBlock/Pixabay


  • A teacher was arrested for sexually assaulting students at San Bruno schools
  • San Bruno police are determining if Yeh victimized other students
  • A notorious predator got sent back to prison after preying on two 14-year-old girls

An elementary school teacher, who reportedly abused about three kids in two different San Bruno schools, was arrested on Friday.

The second-grade school teacher was identified as Jeremy Yeh. He is accused of felony lewd and lascivious acts with several female students that happened between 2016 and 2019, according to the San Bruno Police Department.

The three female students have already been identified, but their identities were not divulged due to their ages. All were interviewed by the authorities, and police believed there could be other victims.

Yeh taught at the Allen Elementary School and El Crystal Elementary School in 2016. The latter closed down in 2018 due to financial issues, CBS News reported.

"If your child was a student of Mr. Yeh's, it might be appropriate to have some discussions with them," San Bruno Police Chief Ryan Johansen said in a video from the San Bruno Police Department's YouTube account.

In related news, a notorious pedophile started his fourth long prison term after getting caught stashing a secret mobile phone.

The pedophile was identified as Paul Jones, someone who was branded a predatory pedophile by a judge in 2018. This was after he got caught chatting with underage girls online, just weeks before he got released from prison.

He will be serving another four years behind bars after authorities discovered that he had been talking to two 14-year-old girls via Instagram, Teesside Live reported. Cops reportedly got a tip from a concerned parent that led to authorities raiding his Middlesbrough home, resulting in the discovery of a mobile phone stashed in a cupboard.

Moreover, he was found to have deleted his internet history and used Snapchat under the handle "boroboy38." He reportedly messaged one of the girls before the police came to check on him.

Jones was jailed for four years in 2008 for touching a 13-year-old girl, after which he issued threats of killing the young victim.

Then in 2014, he was handed a 45-month sentence for breaching a sexual offense prevention order and having indecent images of children.

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A 40-year-old pedophile is back in jail after he was caught messaging two 14-year-old girls. pixabay