A Virginia man was arrested for allegedly stealing six newborn husky puppies and cash from a pet grooming store.

Rodney Jackson, 50, broke into the pet grooming salon Dogs and Critters around 1: 30 a.m. Friday. Security camera footage showed Jackson taking a shower in the dog bathing area, fixing himself a meal and watching television at the store. He took the money from the cash register and tips jar. Jackson left the salon with money and the six newborn pups, the Daily Press reported.

Jackson was arrested Saturday and charged with breaking and entering, grand larceny, grand larceny with intent to sell, and six counts of animal larceny. Jackson is homeless, the Hampton police said. He refused to tell the police where the puppies were, but three canines were recovered.

"He has admitted to everything but refuses to say where the puppies are. Says he gave them away and we will never find them," Bandi Murdock, the owner of dogs and Critter Cleaners said on Facebook. "They are only 2 weeks old, they literally opened their eyes two days ago. They need to nurse."

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Three of the six missing puppies were reunited with the mother. Hampton police found two puppies in a residence of Jackson’s acquaintance. Hours later a woman called Murdock and returned the third pup. She said that she had paid $100 to Jackson for the dog.

"We’re just so thrilled to have them back," Murdock said to the Press. "But we’re also very worried about the ones that are still missing."

Murdock added that she leaves the puppies at the grooming salon with their mother Nala as people spend 14 hours a day at the store, which helps them socialize, the New York Post reported. She said they wait for 8-10 weeks after the husky puppies are born and sell them for $1200 each.

"We’re still very hopeful that we'll get the other puppies back," Murdock said to the Press. "But time is running out for them. They need to be with their mother."