New Life Hiking Spa is America’s longest-running wellness retreat, focusing on getting back to nature. In a crowded market of wellness tourism destinations that have popped up over the last decade, New Life Hiking Spa in Vermont has remained true to its roots for the past forty plus years. New Life’s authentic programming has continued to provide rest and rejuvenation to wellness seekers in the Green Mountains by using “mountains instead of a treadmill” since 1978. For travelers who have wellness on their 2020 vacation plans, New Life Hiking Spa in Vermont is a necessity.

There are dozens of reasons wellness explorers should visit New Life Hiking Spa, but for purposes of this article, we’ll nail it down to just three.

1. Incredible Outdoor Hiking Experiences from Novice to Advanced

At New Life Hiking Spa, the focus is on the great outdoors and hiking is the main activity. Located in Killington, Vermont, New Life offers one of a kind access to the Green Mountain National Forest, the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail. This retreat is all about reconnecting with nature and finding balance in one of Vermont’s most gorgeous regions. Guided hikes are offered for all levels from beginner to advanced, so guests can pick a nature walk or hike that suits their current fitness level. New Life offers at least three levels of hikes each day, so whether leisurely nature walks or challenging treks with elevations at more than 4,000 feet are what inspires, a hike for every person can be found.

2. This Unpretentious Wellness Vacation is Easy on the Wallet

In addition to the daily guided hikes (which are clearly the focus of the stay), New Life also includes a private room and bathroom, three meals a day, one massage for each three night stay, yoga classes, water workouts, fitness classes and guided meditation walks around a waterfall. New Life promotes managing health and wellness by eating wholesome ingredients, outdoor adventure, meditation and holistic bodywork and massages. New Life Hiking Spa’s affordable pricing includes everything at a very affordable price of approximately $270 a night for a solo traveler. The lodging is basic, the massage area is uncomplicated and there are no second helpings on the healthy food, but the price has created a die-hard following that comes back year after year.

3. It’s Like Summer Camp for Adults…Only Better

Waking up to a day of hiking and nature at New Life Hiking Spa is reminiscent of the carefree days at summer camp as a youth. Getting back to nature and away from the responsibilities of adult life really can make guests feel like a kid at camp again (albeit with a bed, not a sleeping bag). 80% of New Life’s guests come as a solo traveler and all meals are served at the same time in the New Life dining room, making it extremely comfortable to come unaccompanied. There is even a campfire in the evenings, surrounded by a hot tub for those wishing to sooth muscles from the day’s activities.

2020 marks New Life’s 43rd summer in Vermont. Retreats range from 3-21 nights. 2020 retreats will take place May 14 – October 5th . Reservations will for the 2020 season will commence on February 1st . More information can be found at .