• Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common problem of many especially those who don't eat animal products
  • The deficiency produces a lot of symptoms, but there are the "dangerous" signs you must be aware of
  • One type of pain at the lower side of the body is a sign

Vitamin B12 is one of the essential vitamins that the body needs. This vitamin is needed in order for the body to perform the right functions. When the body lacks vitamin B12, it could manifest this lack in the form of various symptoms. One of the symptoms that you have to watch out for occurs at the downside of your body.

The Functions It Serves

Vitamin B12 is important in ensuring that the blood cells work at their best. Suffice to say, this vitamin plays three vital roles for the cells. First, it is important in forming red blood cells, the cells that carry oxygen to the different organs of the body.

Second, vitamin B12 helps in proper neurological function. Remember that the brain is the center of the nervous system. It needs to be fed oxygen to be able to function properly. When the cells are not healthy or that no new red blood cells are produced by the body on a regular basis, then the supply of oxygen to the brain and to the other parts of the nervous system could be hampered.

Third, this vitamin is also important in DNA synthesis. Without the right amount of vitamin B12, DNA synthesis can be affected.

Watch Out for the Deficiency Symptoms

vitamin b12 pain symptoms
vitamin b12 pain symptoms HansMartinPaul - Pixabay

Because of the important role that vitamin B12 plays in the body, it is paramount for individuals to be wary of the symptoms of a deficiency from the vitamin. Being able to spot the symptoms as they occur or at the earliest would also allow patients to resort to early or timely intervention.

One of the symptoms that you must watch out for is the nerve shock symptom at the side of the body. This symptom, as explained by TPA, would be coming on a few seconds before it would hit. It is akin to that of a mild electric shock, and it would also quickly disappear. The vital areas that this nerve shock would hit are the sides of the hips, either side of the body’s upper portion, along the ribs.

When you start to notice the occurrence of this nerve shock, better seek the help of your physician. There are ways on how to treat vitamin B12 deficiency, and the earlier that you get the treatment, the better it would be.