• Vitamin D deficiency has become a common problem, especially during the winter season
  • The body experiences a number of symptoms whenever it lacks vitamin D
  • Your joints are among the body parts that will immediately feel the symptoms of the deficiency


The role of vitamin D in the body includes regulating the use of phosphorus and calcium. These two minerals play vital roles in the formation of your teeth and bones.

Since vitamin D is vital for bone growth, being deficient in it can lead to a host of health problems, which include feeling pain in your joints. This pain is sometimes caused by the softening and weakening of the bones, which may result in a condition called osteomalacia or rickets in children.

Quick Facts about Vitamin D

It is a nutrient that is very important if you want to keep your bones and teeth healthy. Several studies have shown that low levels of this nutrient cause increased muscle and joint pain.

arthritis joint symptoms vitamin d deficiency
arthritis joint symptoms vitamin d deficiency IAOM - US - Pixabay

When there is vitamin D deficiency, the amount you have in your system may not be enough to regulate bone nutrients like calcium. As a result, your bones, and sometimes including your muscles, may weaken.

Fortunately, there is something you can do to resolve or prevent this. Studies have shown that such pain can be alleviated by taking vitamin D supplements.

The Important Role of Vitamin D

Other studies also show that vitamin D has been proven to help people suffering from osteoporosis, another condition characterized by the weakening of the bone. Because vitamin D is very important in keeping healthy, it was added to various foods and drinks like milk and cereals.

It has also been observed that those who suffer from vitamin D deficiency are more prone to experience insulin resistance and infection. Experts say vitamin D also has anti-inflammatory effects. This leads people to believe that it may play an important role in joint pain relief, particularly if the cause is of such pain is inflammation.

Vitamin D Supplement

During the winter season, many people suffer from vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of sunlight. While you can source this nutrient in animal-based foods, it may not work with those who observe a vegan diet. As a result, vegetarians oftentimes struggle to obtain sufficient amounts of vitamin D, particularly during the winter season.

In this case, taking vitamin D supplements may help. Try talking to your doctor about the best vitamin D supplement that works for you. This way, you would not have any problem with vitamin D deficiency.