In perhaps the most intense season of NBC’s “The Voice” yet, there is precious little room for anything but perfection as the remaining artists continue to fight for America’s vote each week. Sadly, not everyone gets to stick around, as one contestant learned this week. 

During the top 11 eliminations, Adam Levine’s artist Owen Danoff ended up in the bottom two once again, only this time the live save wasn’t as kind to him as he ended up just missing his chance to make the show’s top 10. Danoff comes from a musical background in Washington, D.C., as his father was a member of the Starland Vocal Band, which won two Grammy Awards for their 1976 hit “Afternoon Delight.” 

Despite hailing from such a background, Danoff struggled to find his own confidence on the show, which resulted in a flub during his live-save performance on Tuesday when he briefly forgot the words to his song. While this is something that happens during the live shows quite often on “The Voice,” it certainly didn’t help his chances to be pushed through during the brief voting window. 

“I wish I knew,” he told reporters during a conference call on Wednesday. “I honestly have been running that song all day with no issue whatsoever, and I think it was just a blank or something, I don’t know. I really just felt like… I felt totally prepared for it until the exact moment that I didn’t feel prepared, and I don’t know totally what to attribute that to. I’ve had that happen to me in my own concerts where I’ll, you know, drop a line or do a couple of things like that, so I don’t know if that was just it or if it was just time for that to happen or, you know, if I was maybe feeling stressed about what was going on.” 

Despite the setback of not cracking “The Voice” Season 10's top 10, Danoff remains undeterred to make his musical career happen. Although he’s still got some work to do, he believes working with his coach helped him gain the necessary confidence to make music his way in the future. 

“I think I’m just going to make my music from now on. I think it will just make me feel extra comfortable with trusting myself as an artist and writing music that I believe in and really trusting that to resonate with people rather than, you know, seeking out what I think people might want from me or anything. I think that’s a big thing that I’ve taken away from the show.” 

Fans may get to hear that new confidence-infused music sooner rather than later. As with most artists who get eliminated from such a high round on “The Voice,” Danoff has no plans to fall into obscurity. Having already released an EP, “Never Trust a Man,” and an album, “Twelve Stories,” the artist plans to produce another EP as early as June, although he wasn’t able to give an exact release date. He mentioned that he’s proud of his last two releases, and said “The Voice” gave him permission to accept who he is as an artist and to sing the songs the way he wants. 

“The biggest thing has been just that Adam and, Miley especially, they really were pushing me to be comfortable in myself as an artist and to not feel like I need to change the way that I sound or the way that I am to connect with people. I think that’s the most encouraging advice that you could get from somebody, so that’s really the biggest thing that I want to take with me moving forward.” 

You can catch the rest of the team on “The Voice” this Monday when the top 10 take to the live stage to perform once again. In the meantime, fans of Danoff can be on the lookout for his next EP.