One of the most famous Victoria’s Secret Angels, Adriana Lima, is receiving waves of praise after walking down the runway with a heavenly body just months after giving birth.

The model explained that she was still breast-feeding her four-month-old child when she got the call to walk in the famous runway show.

Some joined the conversation about Adriana Lima on Twitter and shared thoughts about the supermodel.

“Girls, just keep in mind that Adriana Lima JUST had a baby before doing the show. &&& her body will still look more BaNgIN' than all of ours,” @chloevashaw1 tweeted.

“*insert cliche tweet about looking like a potato and crying cause you're not Adriana Lima* #vsfashionshowprobs,” @kylayyyy wrote.

“I'm so excited for the VS Fashion Show but I know I'll be depressed because I don't look like Adriana Lima,” @kcatwalk1 shared.

Another person wrote about the model’s recent body makeover:

“Adriana Lima gained 40 pounds during pregancy, gave birth 6 weeks before she walked the runway. Curvy & beautiful #werk”

Lima has been a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2000 and worked as a Maybelline spokeswoman from 2003 to 2009.

Even though she had just given birth to her daughter, Sienna, 8 weeks ago, People magazine explained that she worked with her trainer of six years, Michael Olajide, Jr. of Aerospace NYC, to get ready for this year’s fashion show.

The fitness guru explained to the magazine that Lima wanted to look “athletic” and “defined” for the event of the year.

Before the bombshell could start her aeroboxing endurance plan with Olajide, “her doctor had [to give] her a clear pass to do everything we’d done together before,” he told People.

"Adriana’s metabolism had slowed down, and that’s what happens when you’re nesting, but we had to get her burning 24/7,” he continued.

“We were doing four to six hours every day, seven days a week,” Olajide shared.

Lima worked out in the morning with Olajide, headed home to have some time with her family and then went back to the gym for an evening session.

But the trainer also explained that Lima watched what she ate very closely on the months leading up to the show.

“Adriana enjoys her food. She eats anything from chocolate mousse to steak and hamburgers,” he says. “But when it’s time to prepare for something, she has the discipline to prepare for it.”