Sling TV subscribers will be able to watch the second half of the seventh season of Mad Men, which begins in April. AMC Networks

Cord cutters worried about leaving behind “The Walking Dead,” “Mad Men” or “Portlandia,” rejoice -- Dish Network announced today that it has added IFC and AMC to its over-the-top streaming television offering, Sling TV. The two channels, which are both owned by AMC Networks, will be added to Sling’s core “Best of Live TV” package, which costs $20 per month.

IFC and AMC are now part of a curated package designed to target “cord nevers,” a term TV executives often use to refer to younger consumers who enjoy watching TV but have never signed up for cable subscription packages. That “Best of Live TV” package includes cable channels Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ABC Family and Travel Channel. Additional packages of more specialized content, such as Sports Extra or Hollywood Extra, can be added for an additional $5 per month.

Since it debuted Sling at the International Consumer Electronics Show back in January, Dish has unleashed a steady stream of announcements designed to lure customers and build brand awareness for its product. After announcing a nationwide rollout, it has also added a streaming on-demand movie library of more than 2,000 titles, as well as deals for both live and video-on-demand streaming content from Univision.

Sling TV is part of a fast-growing number of over-the-top streaming services that have transformed from a concept to a competitive reality this year:

  • Nickelodeon announced a kids-only streaming service called Noggin at its upfronts in late February.
  • CBS has unveiled both paid and ad-supported products.
  • NBC is reportedly developing a number of vertical-specific offerings, with one centered around comedy to be unveiled shortly.
  • Late last year, HBO announced that its popular HBO Go service, which HBO parent Time Warner already sells as a standalone service in other parts of the world, will soon be available to consumers here as well.