AMC's "The Walking Dead" knows how to keep fans wanting more. If you're hungry for the Oct. 14 premiere of season three, a new promo clip to keep you from gnawing off your neighbors arm has hit the web.

The new sneak preview for season three is definitely a quick one, but still manages to bring viewers a spine tingling shudder. At 10 seconds long, the clip begins with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) walking down a corridor in a house. Holding a flashlight in his hand, Rick nervously and swiftly swings opens up a door in front of him, jumping back. Unfortunately fans will have to wait until the series returns in October to find out what horrors (or maybe even goodies) lurk behind the mysterious door.

Besides a preview of what's to come for our favorite Georgia sheriff, the promo video displays a quote from "The most suspenseful show on any TV network," the news source claims of "The Walking Dead." Those who have yet to feast their eyes on the show will find it hard to argue after watching that clip.

Season two ended with the group of survivors losing many members of their group, and struggling to stick together as tension mounts after fleeing the walker ridden farm. Viewers saw T-Dog trying to flee south, while Lori and Rick hit a real rough patch brought on by the death of Shane.

Executive producer Robert Kirkman previously revealed to TVLine that Rick is going to have an "emotional journey" in season three, and it looks like this promo clip is just the beginning of it.

"You're going to see him really be put through his paces," Kirkman explained. Will Rick's struggles change his once positive and good aura to a dark one? Whatever may happen, Kirkman promises that he is "going to come out of the season a changed character."

One possibility for Rick's changed character in season three can stem from a spoiler previously revealed by TVLine...A series regular character is confirmed to die.

"The Walking Dead" returns for season three on AMC on Oct. 14.

Watch the new promo video below.