AMC just dropped the season four trailer for “The Walking Dead,” but the series is still looking to add some fresh blood -- in the form of faces, not guts. Set to premiere on Oct. 13, SpoilerTV is reporting that the show is currently casting for three new recurring roles.

So who are the new zombie apocalypse survivors? Check out the breakdown below:

John Tyler: In his early 30s, John Tyler is said to be “vulgar with rough edges,” but if you can look past that he’s also wise.

Wayne Kesey: Also in his early 30s, Wayne Kesey is very smart but unfortunately also an “experienced liar.”

Jordana Barraza: In her late 20s, Jordana Barraza is a tough and beautiful Hispanic woman who is “shamed about her past.”

It’s currently unknown how these three newcomers will intermingle with the prison group. As “The Walking Dead” viewers can see from the Comic-Con trailer, it’s possible that they might not even be with Rick’s survivors. The trailer shows that someone (potentially the Governor) is setting traps to lure walkers onto the prison grounds. However, another option for these three new recurring roles is that they are connected with the mysterious voice on the radio. In the final moments of the season four trailer, a voice can be heard coming over the radio, saying, “Sanctuary, those who arrive, survive.”

John, Wayne and Jordana will be joining a couple other season four newcomers:

Bob Stookey: Bob Stookey will reportedly be discovered by Daryl before the series picks up the fourth season in October. Set to be played by “The Wire” alum Lawrence Gilliard Jr., “The Walking Dead” show runner Scott M. Gimple told Entertainment Weekly that Stookey is a former Army medic who has “seen things go bad over and over, and winding up in this stable place doesn’t shake him from his experience.”

Don: First appearing in episode six, “Rise,” Don will be played by actor Danny Vinson. Don is in his 50s to 70s, has a granddaughter and is “sometimes grumpy.” The character is a guest role.

Laura: Laura is a single mother and former nurse. It’s unknown if her children survived the zombie outbreak.

Mack: Around 30 years old, Mach is an “aggressive wiseass.” The character is set to be a recurring role.

Melody: Melody is a “tough and funny” woman.

Patrick: Patrick is the “fair-minded” brother of Mack. Unlike Mack, his character is only set to be a guest role.

Season four of “The Walking Dead” premieres Oct. 13 on AMC at 9 p.m.