Seems like a Rick’s group will be encountering a couple more zombie apocalypse survivors. “The Walking Dead” is reportedly casting a few new roles for its highly anticipated fourth season.

According to Spoiler TV, the AMC series is looking to add a couple new faces when the show returns in the fall. And they might be staying around for a while since the role is being labeled as “recurring.” So, who will potentially be joining Rick’s prison group (or the Governor’s new army?):

Laura: “The Spoiler Fairy” revealed that Laura is a single mother and former nurse -- someone who will definitely come in handy due to the amount of injuries that occur while battling zombies. No word on whether her children survived the outbreak.

Melody: Described as a “tough and funny” woman, Melody will hopefully be able to ease some tension with the group.

Spoiler TV is also reporting that the show is casting a character named Don, who will be a guest star in season four. Don is between 50-70 years old, can be grumpy and has a granddaughter.

No backstory for the three new characters joining season four has been released. It’s possible that these characters could have been at Woodbury during the Governor’s reign, met the Governor when he ran off or encountered Rick’s group when they went on one of their supply runs.

Laura, Melody and Don will be joining fellow newcomer Bob Stookey, a former Army medic who suffers from a dark past (pre-walker). The International Digital Times reported in late April that the role of Bob Stookey went to “Wire” alum Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

The recurring role casting announcement comes a couple weeks after “Walking Dead” fans posted photos from the Georgia set. The photos, which were taken in the Griffin, Georgia area, were posted on Walking Dead Locations, a fan site dedicated to information about filming locations for the AMC series.

Fan photos show an old Wal-Mart/ Winn Dixie that has been turned into a “Big Spot” for the show. Surrounding the “Big Spot” are large military tents and vehicles. One fan named Alexander explained that the latest rumor in the area is that a plane is going to crash into the building, “or that it was going to be made to look that way.”

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC this fall.