Walking Dead
"The Walking Dead" returns on Sunday, Feb. 9. Gene Page/ AMC


“The Walking Dead” aired its explosive midseason finale on Sunday, Dec. 1, wrapping up the bloody zombie drama for 2013. But the AMC series isn’t done with its fourth season. Rick and the gang are set to return on Sunday, Feb. 9, with the second half of season 4.

So, what can fans expect in 2014? New characters and a new place to live!

“The Walking Dead” has added a long list of characters to season 4, some from the comics and some not. While a couple of new faces have graced the screen so far -- Bob, Meghan, Lily, Tara, Pete and Mitch -- a great deal of the newcomers will be appearing during the second half of the season:

Dr. Eugene Porter – In the comics Dr. Porter is an “out-of-shape” science teacher who convinces a group of survivors that he’s working for the U.S. Government and knows the origins of the zombie plague.

Rosita Espinosa – Rosita is a “tough and beautiful” survivor who was introduced in Issue 53 of “The Walking Dead” comics.

Abraham – In the comics Abraham is traveling with Dr. Porter and Rosita, his girlfriend. The role is reportedly a “massively important one.”

John Tyler In his early 30s, John Tyler is said to be “vulgar with rough edges,” but if you can look past that he’s also wise.

Wayne Kesey Also in his early 30s, Wayne Kesey is very smart but unfortunately also an “experienced liar.”

Jordana Barraza In her late 20s, Jordana Barraza is a tough and beautiful Hispanic woman who is “shamed about her past.”

It’s unknown how Rick’s group will be meeting these new characters, but “Walking Dead” viewers must remember that they no longer have their home at the prison. The group was forced to flee the grounds following the Governor’s attack. But besides losing their home, they also have another problem -- they lost each other.

After the zombie hoard passed through Hershel’s farm at the end of season 2, the separated group met up at the highway where they left Sophia. Since they had an emergency escape bus set up for quick movement in episode 8, it’s assumed that they designated a special spot to regroup. However, with some individuals sick and others left to flee on foot, fans will have to wait and see who makes it and where they find each other.

Watch the trailer below for the February episodes and let us know what you think in the comments section: