'The Walking Dead'
“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC for its fourth season in October. AMC

“Walking Dead” fan: Stop everything you are doing right now! A new poster for the upcoming fourth season has been revealed and it is jaw-dropping.

The banner, which was released on AMC’s blog on Monday, July 1, will be displayed at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. While Rick’s group has grown in size, the poster only features four characters, who we’re assuming to be major players this season.

Front and center in the picture is Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) holding his signature gun. Next to him is Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), with his crossbow raised. While there is nothing too shocking about those two characters, the rest of the poster will definitely have fans giddy with excitement. On the left of the banner is Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman), who joined the AMC series in the middle of season three. Surrounded by walkers, Tyreese raises up the hammer in his hand in an effort to keep them at bay … however it’s not looking too good. On the right side of the banner is Michonne (Danai Gurira), who also joined the show in season three. Similar to Tyreese, she’s surrounded by zombies and has her sword ready to do some slicing and dicing. But unlike Tyreese she has a slight advantage since she’s on a horse.

Like the helicopter that was featured in the 2012 Comic-Con banner for “The Walking Dead,” the horse teases that hope and civilization might still lie ahead for Rick’s group. But fans shouldn’t forget that the helicopter ended up being a dead end in season three when it crashed and the governor made sure to “take care” of its survivors and the other men.

Did Michonne stumble across the horse in a similar situation to Rick in season one? Or is there potential life outside of the prison? Let us know your theories in the comments section below.

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC for its fourth season this October.