“Walking Dead” fans can rejoice! After a couple long and hard zombie-free months, AMC’s hit series is returning to TV on Sunday, Feb. 9 with their season 4 midseason premiere. And it’s definitely an episode you won’t want to miss.

But what if you can’t remember what happened in the first half of the season? Have no fears, we’re breaking down the first eight episodes of season 4 with brief recaps:

Episode 1, Season 4 Premiere – “30 Days Without An Accident” (Original Air Date Oct. 13, 2013)

Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” picked up a couple months after the Governor’s attack on the prison. Rick’s survivors have come together with the former Woodbury residents to form a home. The prison has now turned into a little village, full of plant life, outside seating, a cooking area and even a small farm. That’s not to say that they are all in the clear.

Rick meets a woman outside the prison fence who tries to feed him to her zombie husband; and a team searching for supplies at a “Big Spot” end up in a deadly heap of trouble when a broken alcohol bottle from newcomer Bob draws some local zombies in for a feeding frenzy. Meanwhile back at the prison, Carol takes it upon herself to teach the young kids how to defend themselves with knives – a controversial decision.

The season premiere concluded with new group member Patrick collapsing in the showers and dying after complaining of stomach problems.

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Episode 2 – “Infected” (Original Air Date Oct. 20, 2013)

Episode 2 finds the group suffering from zombie problems inside and outside the prison walls. On the outside someone has been feeding the zombies at the fence, causing a dangerous buildup of walkers and a near breach. Meanwhile on the inside, Patrick’s sudden death leads to a bloody show down in D Block and questions about how he died.

With a couple group members now dead, Carol promised a dying man that he’d take care of his two children – Lizzie and Mika. But Carol takes her position in a strange direction when she tries to get Lizzie to kill her father before he turns into a zombie.

Like Carol, Rick is also changing. After his psychotic break in season 3, Rick finally realizes that they need to fight in order to stay alive. He straps his gun back on and allows Carl to begin carrying again.

The episode ended with the deadly flu that killed Patrick circulating the prison – and someone deciding to take matters into their own hands by killing innocent residents before they could spread the flu. After stabbing Woodbury members Karen and David, the bodies were dragged out into the yard and burned by this mysterious person.

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Episode 3 – “Isolation” (Original Air Date Oct. 27, 2013)

Tyreese wants to seek revenge against whoever murdered Karen. Carol admits to Rick that she committed the crime, and Rick must decide what to do with that information. Despite Carol’s attempt to control the flu (not matter how inhumane that attempt was), the prison now has a whole ward dedicated to the ill. The rising number of sick survivors leads Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese on a run to a veterinary school to get medication, but their trip takes a dangerous turn when they run into a hoard of walkers.

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Episode 4 – “Indifference” (Original Air Date Nov. 3, 2013)

A flashback/ vision by Rick reveals how Carol killed Karen and David. Unable to trust Carol alone at the prison (even though she insisted that she made it “quick”), Rick makes her go with him to scavenge a surrounding town for food and medicine. After a lot of thought, Rick decides that the best move for Carol would be for her to leave the prison. Carol begs him not to exile her but Rick holds his ground. He leaves her with a car, weapons and good.

Meanwhile, Daryl and the others on the supply run finally manage to make it to the veterinary school. Getting the drugs that they need, the group runs into trouble leaving the grounds. Bob almost kills himself and the others when a bag he’s carrying falls into the hands of the walkers. Refusing to let go of the bag, Daryl discovers that the bag Bob was carrying didn’t have the medication in it – it had alcohol. Daryl threatens to kill him if another person dies over Bob’s addiction.

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Episode 5 – “Internment” (Original Air Date Nov. 10, 2013)

The sick ward becomes deadly when patients begin to turn with their cell doors open. Things begin unraveling quickly inside the prison just as the fence outside begins to give. But with limited man power it’s difficult for Maggie and Rick to keep everything up and running.

Rick and Carl manage to fix the walker fence situation, and Maggie busts into the quarantine cell block in order to help Hershel and save Glenn. Daryl and the others return by the end of episode 5 and Daryl begins to ask about Carol. The episode ended with the Governor watching the prison from the woods.

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Episode 6 – “Live Bait” (Original Air Date Nov. 17, 2013)

Episode 6 ditched the prison and backtracked to what the Governor has been up to since killing his Woodbury army. After being abandoned by his two henchmen, Martinez and Shumpert, the Governor returned to Woodbury to burn it to the ground. From that point on he traveled on foot for months – until he spotted a little girl in an apartment window that looked like his dead daughter, Penny.

The Governor meets the family living in the apartment building – an older man named Don, his two daughters Tara and Lily, and Lily’s daughter, Megan. Calling himself Brian now, the Governor recounts his story, but this time making himself out to be a victim.

Befriending and helping the family, things take a turn when he’s forced to kill Don after he turns into a walker. Deciding to head out on the road after that, Lily begs that he take them with him. After some hesitation the Governor agrees. The four head out into the world where they end up getting chased by walkers and fall into a human-made trap – a trap made by Martinez.

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Episode 7 – “Dead Weight” (Original Air Date Nov. 24, 2013)

The Governor and his new family were welcomed into Martinez’ new group of survivors, but Martinez lets his old pal know that he wouldn’t have done so if he had been alone. And Martinez should have followed his instinct. After offering to share the power of the group with the Governor (and making him his golf caddy), the Governor snaps and ends up feeding Martinez to a pit full of walkers.

Twin brothers named Pete and Mitch take over the group, and the Governor doubts that they have what it takes to keep the camp safe. Planning on leaving the grounds with Lily and the others, they’re forced to return when they come across a road filled with zombies. Since the Governor can’t leave, he comes up with a new plan – killing Pete. He then proceeds to tell Mitch that he’s running things now and Mitch agrees to save his own life.

The camp turns into Woodbury part 2, but the Governor is still not happy. He wants them to live in a safer space – like the prison.

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Episode 8, Midseason Finale – “Too Far Gone” (Original Air Date Dec. 1, 2013)

Kidnapping Hershel and Michonne, the Governor manages to convince his new group that they need to attack and take over the prison. The war on Rick’s group leads to a series of deaths:

Megan – Megan remained at the camp with her mom, but was attacked by a walker who was buried under the area she was playing in. Lily was unable to save her daughter and brought Megan’s body to the Governor outside the prison. Without a second thought, the Governor takes Megan’s body and puts a bullet through her head.

Hershel – Rick begs the Governor to let Hershel and Michonne go and even offers up half of the prison. But the Governor wants the whole thing. When Rick refuses, the Governor takes Michonne’s katana and begins hacking off Hershel’s neck.

The Governor – Hershel’s death lead both groups to begin fighting. The result was numerous casualties on both sides – including that of the Governor. In an all-out brawl with Rick, the Governor is stabbed through the chest by Michonne and her katana. Michonne leaves him to die a slow painful death, but that’s not good enough for Lily. Walking up to him, she looks him in the eye and shoots him in the head.

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The midseason premiere of “The Walking Dead,” episode 9, will air on Sunday, Feb. 9 at 9 p.m. Are you looking forward to “After”? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.