Walking Dead
"Walking Dead" episode 12- "Still" Gene Page/ AMC

Daryl Dixon lovers can rejoice because the crossbow toting apocalypse survivor will be back on screen in episode 12 of “The Walking Dead.” Since the AMC series returned for the second half of their fourth season on Feb. 9, the episodes have split up the survivors -- focusing on a few groups at a time. After watching Rick’s survivors and Glenn’s new group in episode 11, it appears as if fans might get a chance to check in on the three other prison groups: Daryl and Beth; Bob, Sasha and Maggie; and Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie, Mikka and baby Judith.

A leaked synopsis for episode 12, “Still,” teases that an “enlightened mission stems from a request from one of the group members.” Which group member making the request is a mystery for now, but the “enlightened” part of the synopsis makes it sound partially religious.

As fans of “The Walking Dead” know, Hershel was a religious man -- which means that the synopsis could be referring to his daughters, Maggie or Beth. Right now both girls are struggling in their new surrounding due to a series of things. Besides losing their father and their home, Maggie and Beth are separated and unsure if each other made it out of the prison alive. Viewers saw Maggie breaking down after finding the walker-ridden bus that Glenn was on … but will the possibility of Glenn being alive keep her going? Beth on the other hand had suicidal tendencies while living at the farm. Will she give up now that she’s without her family? Or will she try to keep herself together for the sake of Daryl?

Walking Dead
"Walking Dead" episode 12 - "Still" Gene Page/AMC

Viewers will have to wait and see because sneak peek videos of the upcoming episode don’t reveal much more on the group member request or “enlightened mission.” In the first video, Daryl can be seen attempting to hunt for food as Beth sets up a safe perimeter for them in the woods. While in the past Daryl would come back from hunting sprees with a belt of dead squirrels, episode 12 finds him off his game and frustrated about his inability to kill one. Fortunately he’s able to get his hands on a snake, and Beth manages to light a fire and set a trap for walkers.

A second video clip shows the pair fleeing the woods as a thunderstorm approaches. Finding an abandoned car on the side of the road, Beth’s unable to start it and the two are forced to hide in the trunk of the car as a hoard of walkers stalk by.

Episode 12 of “The Walking Dead” will air on AMC on Sunday, March 2, at 9 p.m. What do you think will happen in “Still”? Watch the promo video below and let us know your thoughts by sending a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.

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