Drop whatever you're doing. The Season 5 premiere of “The Walking Dead” is still weeks away, but AMC has released the official synopsis for the coming season.

Set to hit the small screen on Sunday, Oct. 12, the new season of “The Walking Dead” will pick up after the shocking Season 4 finale cliffhanger that left Rick and the gang locked in a train car. After they were stripped of their weapons and rounded up like animals, Rick warned the others that the people at Terminus were “screwing with the wrong people." Fans will get to see exactly what Rick meant by those ominous words in Season 5.

According to the synopsis, the Season 5 premiere will pick up shortly after Rick and the group were “outgunned, outnumbered and trapped in a train car awaiting a grim fate.” While the season synopsis doesn’t give specifics about episode 1, it does tease a little bit of hope for the fan-favorite survivors. “Walking Dead” viewers will not only get to learn the “true motives of the people of Terminus,” but they’ll also get to see how their story connects to the “hopeful prospect of a cure in Washington, D.C.”

But just because there is hope doesn’t mean that there won’t be any heartbreak. The synopsis promises that there will be “new conflicts, and new obstacles in keeping the group together and staying alive.”

As in previous seasons, the survivors will be searching for a permanent haven. But does one even exist? Attempts at starting over at the CDC, Hershel’s farm, the prison and Terminus have all fallen through. But that won’t be what troubles Rick and the group.

The synopsis teases that one question will haunt the survivors – “After all they’ve seen, all they’ve done, all they’ve sacrificed, lost, and held onto no matter what the cast … Who do they become?”

Episode 1 of “The Walking Dead,” titled “No Sanctuary,” will premiere on AMC on Sunday, Oct. 12, at 9 p.m. EDT. Fans can catch up on Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” on Netflix starting Sunday, Sept. 28. What do you think of the synopsis for Season 5? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.