Walking Dead
AMC released a first look photo from Season 5 of "The Walking Dead." Gene Page/AMC

Take a deep breath … because a first-look photo from Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” is finally here! While fans of the hit AMC series have to wait until the fall to catch new episodes, the network was generous enough to tweet a photo from the upcoming season – and needless to say it’s amazing.

“#TheWalkingDead is returning this October, but we’ve got your first look at season five!” the official “Walking Dead” AMC Twitter account posted Tuesday afternoon. The attached photo gives fans a look at one of the survivors – Rick!

The first-look photo is a close-up of the former sheriff. With dried blood on his hands and face, Rick can be seen peering out at somebody or something through a small opening. But where is he? While his surroundings are cut off, the burnt brown/orange color around him matches a set photo that series creator Robert Kirkman previously tweeted.

“Guess where I was today,” Kirkman tweeted on May 10. The photo that accompanied his tweet was of train car “A,” the location where we last saw Rick and the gang.

The colors of Kirkman’s train car “A” and the first-look photo of Rick appear to match up – which means that the picture from Season 5 could be of Rick peering out of the storage container that Gareth and the Terminus residents locked everyone in. So does that mean that Rick and the others will find a way to escape? Or could this be a trap?

It’s still unclear why the “Termites” decided to herd the prison survivors up in the train car; however, a fan theory is that the Termites are the TV version of the comic’s “Hunters”/ cannibals. Fans will have to wait to find out more about what they want from the prison survivors, but it’s important to note Rick’s final words of Season 4: “They screwed with the wrong people.”

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