Walking Dead finale
Aaron (Ross Marquand, left) and Daryl (Norman Reedus, right) were rescued by a surprise character in the Season 5 finale of "The Walking Dead." AMC

Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” went out with a bang Sunday night. The hit AMC series ended with a special 90-minute episode 16. Check out the top six shocking moments from the Season 5 finale:

The Return Of Morgan

Morgan (Lennie James) finally made his big return to “The Walking Dead.” The Season 5 finale kicked off with the Season 1 character enjoying some breakfast by a fire. A man with a letter “W” on his forehead (and a gun in his hand) interrupted Morgan’s peaceful meal. Viewers finally discovered that the “W” stands for “Wolves.”

The crazy man explained back in the day, the area was overrun with wolves. People were forced to kill them, but now they’re back.

As expected, the “W” man wasn’t friendly. He demanded Morgan hand over everything he had -- including his life. But Morgan gained a lot more experience fighting from when fan’s last saw him. When another “W” man tried to attack him from behind, he took a pole and beat both of them until they were unconscious.

Daryl And Aaron’s Situation

Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) were out looking for other survivors when they found a man in a red poncho. They began to follow the person, but lost him around a canned food factory. Not wanting to go home empty handed, Aaron suggested they grab some food. Unfortunately it turned out to be a trap by the Wolves.

When Daryl attempted to open a delivery truck, a booby trap triggered all the doors to open. Food wasn’t inside, but dozens of walkers were. The number of zombies made it impossible for Daryl and Aaron to make it to the gates surrounding the building. The pair were forced to hide in a car to think through an escape plan. But things looked grim -- especially when they found a note that read “bad people coming, don’t stay.”

Daryl, being the good guy that he is, hatched a plan to distract the walkers while Aaron made a run for the gate. Aaron wasn’t willing to leave Daryl behind and instead pitched that they fight together. Daryl agreed, but before they could make a move, someone on the outside began slaughtering the walkers -- Morgan!

Thanks to Morgan’s extra set of hands, Daryl and Aaron were able to make it past the gates to safety. The trio introduced themselves, and Daryl asked why Morgan risked his life to save them.

“Because all life is precious,” Morgan responded.

Aaron invited Morgan back to Alexandria, but Morgan politely declined. He explained he was heading toward a destination but got lost. He handed Daryl the map with Rick’s name on it.

Nicholas And The “J” Gun

“Walking Dead” viewers discovered last week it was Nicholas (Michael Traynor) who stole Rick’s “J” gun from the blender. This week he was watching Glenn (Steven Yeun), seemingly plotting a way to get revenge for the deadly run that took Aiden (Daniel Bonjour) and Noah’s (Tyler James Williams) life. He climbed the wall of Alexandria and took off into the woods. Glenn snuck after him, but Nicholas knew he was being followed. When Glenn was distracted, Nicholas shot him in the shoulder.

The shot wasn’t fatal, and Glenn was able to hide until the moment was right. He attacked Nicholas, but he also had to deal with walkers in the area. As the pair fought, Nicholas was able to get the upper hand and allow walkers to surround Glenn.

Nicholas was stumbling around the woods and fans assumed Glenn had become zombie kibble. But Glenn surprised everyone when he resurfaced. He couldn’t go through with killing Nicholas though. Instead the pair slowly made their way back home together.

Father Gabriel’s Twist

Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) left the Alexandria grounds without a gun and appeared to want to commit suicide. He had a change of heart after running into a zombie with a noose around its neck, and instead chose to kill it and continue living. He returned to Alexandria in a weird mental state and left the door to the community open.

Fortunately Rick (Andrew Lincoln) found the gate open and discovered walkers had made their way in. While Rick stalked the grounds to clean up, Gabriel returned to the Alexandria church to find Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) waiting for him. Sasha asked for help, but Gabriel told her no. When she said she thought she wantd to die, Gabriel told her “you don’t deserve to be here.” The pair got into a scuffle after Gabriel blamed her for Bob’s (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) mutilation. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) walked in to find Sasha holding a gun to Gabriel’s head. She stopped Sasha from pulling the trigger, and the three sat together and prayed.

Rick’s Deadly Intervention

As Rick killed the walkers in Alexandria, the residents were gathered for a town meeting about their new constable. Every member of Rick’s crew gave an argument, telling the others he was a good guy who knew what had to be done to protect everyone. Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) already had her mind made up though. She revealed to the townsfolk the conversation she had with Father Gabriel just a couple days earlier, explaining Rick had demonstrated all the things the priest warned about. But Father Gabriel wasn’t there to explain, and Jessie made sure to make that clear.

“You’re just saying what someone said,” Jessie said, seemingly standing up for Rick’s group. “Did you tape him?”

Before they could dive deeper into what Father Gabriel said, Rick showed up with a dead walker thrown over his shoulder. He told everyone how the gate was open and there wasn’t a guard on duty. He then lectured how the group wasn’t ready to fight on their own, but they would be soon.

Pete (Corey Brill) showed up in the middle of Rick’s speech with Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) katana and began to cause a ruckus. Deanna’s husband, Reg (Steve Coulter), tried to calm him down, but ended up with his throat cut. He collapsed in Deanna’s arms as everyone looked on horrified.

“Rick, do it,” Deanna said to him.

Rick immediately pulled out his gun and shot Pete in the head just as Daryl and Aaron showed up to the meeting with Morgan.

Wolves Not Far

The guy in the red poncho was caught by the Wolves and brought back to their base camp at the canned food building. The Wolves were surprised to find their booby trap had gone off. Instead of bringing their captive inside, they cut his throat outside the gates.

To get their zombies back into the food trucks, the Wolves pushed a button that set off lights and music inside the trucks. The zombies made their way back in, allowing the Wolves time to find Aaron’s bag full of photos of Alexandria.

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