The Walking Dead
'The Walking Dead' returns to AMC on Feb. 8. In the meantime, the network has released a dense, action-packed teaser trailer. AMC

The premiere of the latter half of “The Walking Dead” Season 5 is rapidly approaching. Although it ended in tragedy, the first half of the season wrapped up with a nice little bow, leaving the fate of our gruff band of survivors with no real direction. Now, the second teaser trailer -- ahead of the show’s midseason return Feb. 8 -- teases even more gritty survival.

To get fans excited for the show's big comeback, below is a rundown of the biggest takeaways from “The Walking Dead’s” new trailer titled, “Another Day.”

1. What do you need to do, Rick?

The trailer begins, as most “Walking Dead” trailers do, with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) giving the group a grim speech about their new direction.

“We do what we need to do, and then we get to live," he says.

This is a loaded quote to say the least. First of all, what in the world is Rick talking about? What do the survivors “need” to do? Is there a new mission in the works now that [SPOILER ALERT] Washington D.C. is a total bust? For that matter, he seems to simply that, after they complete this new mission, they’ll be able to live a life that isn’t just about survival. With the season starting with almost no real direction for the characters, it looks like this is hint at something bigger on the horizon.

2. Crossing guards

This is “The Walking Dead” after all. Sure the first few seasons were spent trying to avoid zombies at all costs, but things are different now. As Abraham said, everyone who is still alive is strong now. So, when our heroes see a pack of Walkers meandering down the street, they have no real/cool choice but to chop them into fine little bits. Remember back when just one walker was frightening? Thank goodness that’s over.

3. Who has Gates now?

Uh oh. The last time we saw a fence in the "Walking Dead" world it was around the confines of The Governor’s Woodbury. The new trailer shows Rick, Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) running away from what looks suspiciously like a wall that someone modified to keep walkers in or out. It’s unclear at this time if our eyes are just playing tricks on us, but it seems like the trailer might be hinting at another human threat. This isn’t altogether surprising given that, as mentioned, walkers are becoming more and more like cannon fodder.

4. Real fear

Most TV couples have a “will they or won’t they?” relationship, but for Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) that phrase it's usually a question of whether or not one of them will die. The two characters are the zombie-apocalypse equivalent of married, so any situation that puts one, or both of them, in danger is a real nail-biter. In the trailer, we see them trying desperately to hold up a wall as, presumably, something unspeakable tries to break it down. It’s been a while since we’ve seen these fighters look so hopeless. It makes one wonder exactly what’s after them now.

5. A day with a chance

Seriously, when did Michonne start giving locker room pep talks? The trailer is titled after her last (and only) line in the brief 30-second spot.

“Don’t you want one more day with a chance?” she asks.

It’s a good line, but it’s jarring to hear something so hopeful and optimistic from the same character that spent her first two seasons on the show brooding and chocking out minimal dialogue. Sure, the series has done a lot to soften Michonne, but with characters like Maggie, Tyreese and Sasha around, it begs the question: what could be so hopeful to someone like Michonne?

“The Walking Dead” Season 5 returns to AMC Sunday, Feb. 8.