Walking Dead zombie
The working title for "The Walking Dead" spinoff is "Fear the Walking Dead." AMC

UPDATE: AMC has now made the title "Fear the Walking Dead" the official name of "The Walking Dead" spinoff series.

“Walking Dead” fans are dying to get a bite of the new spinoff series, and we’ve got just that. Despite rumors of a name circulating, a rep for AMC has confirmed to International Business Times that “Fear the Walking Dead” is the “working title” for the upcoming show. The title -- just like the other project name “Cobalt” -- is simply a temporary title while the project is in development.

Rumors of the title began to spread online after BleedingCool.com posted clips from the supposed pilot script. The front page, which was allegedly written in early September, lists “Walking Dead” comic book creator Robert Kirkman and “Low Winter Sun” writer-producer David Erickson as the authors of the first episode of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

AMC and the creators have been quiet regarding the spinoff, but if the script is legitimate it gives some juicy teasers as to where it will kick off.

As previously reported, the spinoff will be set in Los Angeles. However, fans have been uncertain about the time frame of the series and where it stands in comparison to the start of the zombie apocalypse. Based on the script, the people of Los Angeles are just on the cusp of the apocalypse, hearing rumblings of “zombies” – something that the CDC is trying to shut down.

“I want to dispel a rumor that these people are deceased,” reads a line from a CDC virologist. “They are not. The dead do not walk among us.”

The pilot supposedly will include “found footage” to show the chaos as people start figuring out that the dead are coming back to life.

While the validity of the script is uncertain, actors attached to the project are confirmed. Cliff Curtis of “Gang Related” and Missing” will star as Sean Cabrera, a teacher who “shares a son with his ex-wife.” “Gone Girl” actress Kim Dickens will play Nancy Tompkins, a single mom in a relationship with Sean. Meanwhile, Frank Dillane of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and Alycia Debnam Carey of “Into the Storm” have been cast as Nancy’s children.

Despite the script details being unconfirmed, we’re certainly intrigued. What do you think of the "Walking Dead” spinoff rumors? Do you like the working title, “Fear the Walking Dead”? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.