Walking Dead
"Walking Dead" Season 6 star Andrew Lincoln, pictured here as Rick Grimes in Season 6, episode 1, recently shared his thoughts on the big reveal of the character Glenn's (Steven Yeun, not pictured) fate on the show. AMC

By now, fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” have come down from the thrill ride of last week’s episode and are looking forward to seeing the remaining cast members take on the challenge of a walker herd. However, the cast isn’t quite done letting out a sigh of relief over the latest episode’s big reveal, particularly series principal star Andrew Lincoln.

[SPOILER ALERT: The remainder of this article will discuss the most recent episode of “The Walking Dead."]

Now, after four weeks, audiences are sure Glenn (Steven Yeun) survived his encounter with the herd of walkers by quickly shimmying underneath a dumpster. As a result of the big reveal, the cast, crew, producers and even Yeun himself can stop living with the horrible fake out secret. It was previously reported that Yeun was practically sequestered in his apartment ordering takeout during the cliffhanger. Lincoln is now coming forward and revealing the struggles he also went through while keeping the secret.

The 42-year-old actor told to TheWrap that his friend and co-star informed him that the “death scene” he was reading in the script was all an elaborate ruse to trick the audience. He claims he had trouble getting coffee at his regular spot because the baristas working were too upset that he allowed Glenn to die. Meanwhile, he could have walked out with his morning pick-me-up if he was only allowed to inform them that Glenn was safe and sound...hiding under a blood and guts-infested dumpster.

While he’s relieved the character is alive, he confessed he’s mostly thrilled to not have to say goodbye to one of the last remaining original cast members.

“The prospect of him leaving this season was awful,” Lincoln said. “It’s not just losing a friend or someone you like playing opposite as an actor. It changes my enthusiasm for coming back to work… Steven’s one of the true leaders on set. He’s the true hero of the story at the moment.”

While the long wait to learn if Glenn was alive was agonizing for fans, it proved to be quite lucrative for the producers and AMC as the gimmick shot ratings in Season 6 up from their already impressive baseline. According to Deadline, the latest episode drew 13.2 million viewers, 8.4 million of which were in the coveted adults 18-49 range, giving the episode an overall rating of 6.7. This marks a 3 percent jump in the key demo and is the second major increase in a row for the long-running drama. With the Glenn gimmick behind them, fans can only wait to see what happens to the remaining characters on the show ahead of one detrimental new villain’s arrival.

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