“Walking Dead” fans just got familiar with the Alexandria Safe-Zone residents, and now the AMC series is getting ready to introduce even more characters. By the end of Season 6, viewers will meet a new group of survivors from a place called the Hilltop Colony.

TVLine broke the news on Monday that actor Xander Berkeley (“24”) would be playing Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop Colony. While Berkeley’s casting was announced in September, this is the first time that fans are hearing who he’ll portray on the show. Fortunately, those hungry to know what’s in store can turn to “The Walking Dead” comics for information on the character.


Gregory is introduced in Issue 95 of the comics and is described as a “self-absorbed” and “cowardly” man in his 50s. The Saviors take food and supplies from his people, and resort to violence when they do not meet their demands. In fact, Rick was there when the Saviors made one of Gregory’s own men stab him in the stomach. The Hilltop Colony leader survived, but the attack did nothing for his cowardly behavior.

Although Gregory’s stabbing happened during his first meeting with Rick, the event made him turn to Rick for help in dealing with the Saviors. Rick agreed to help – but for a price. He would handle the Saviors if the Hilltop Colony provided enough supplies for his group.

In the comics, Rick and the Alexandria survivors are not familiar with Negan or the Saviors. The Hilltop Colony isn’t even sure that Negan is a real person at this point. However, they get familiar real quick when Negan [SPOILER ALERT!] brutally kills Glenn.

Without going into too much detail, Gregory becomes a major pain for both Rick and Maggie. The character also plays an important role with the introduction of Negan, who will be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“Grey’s Anatomy”). “Walking Dead” fans already know that Negan will make his first appearance on screen during the Season 6 finale, but it’s currently unknown when Gregory will be incorporated into the plot.

“The Walking Dead” Season 6 will resume with new episodes on Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. EST.