Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers
“The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman (not pictured) says Season 7 most likely won’t end in a cliffhanger after the show kept Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) victim a secret. AMC

There’s a good chance “The Walking Dead” fans won’t have to sit through another agonizing cliffhanger. Show creator, Robert Kirkman, recently opened up about the Season 6 finale ending saying that he understands why fans were upset, and the AMC show most likely won’t end Season 7 with another cliffhanger.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly Friday, Kirkman said the fan response to last season’s finale episode was “valid.” “I definitely have to take note that there’s a seemingly significant portion of the audience that wasn’t happy with that direction,” he explained. “So in that respect I think everyone on ‘The Walking Dead’ creative team has taken note of that, and I don’t know that I would expect a similar cliffhanger at the end of season 7.”

However, Kirkman did tell the outlet that there are some fans that enjoyed the cliffhanger and love the idea of not knowing what’s going to happen when the show returns. “A lot of people actually like the mystery and are enjoying the guessing game that they’re playing over the summer so I don’t know,” he said. “But you get to Season 6 on a show and you try new things and sometimes they work, and sometimes they don’t, but I would hope that after enjoying six seasons of the show people would recognize that, everything that [showrunner] Scott Gimple is putting together is an effort to keep the show exciting, and engaging, and keeping everybody excited about it.”

It’s safe to say that fans are definitely excited about the upcoming new season. There are a ton of rumors on which beloved character met a grim death at the hands of “Walking Dead” villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his barbed-wire bat, Lucille. While the producers and cast are careful not to spoil the death, “Walking Dead” director Greg Nicotero said last month that everything will be revealed in the first episode of Season 7.

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) also dished on the Season 7 premiere, telling the Daily Beast in June that it will definitely be “worth the wait.” He teased: “You just have to trust us. The show’s large and a lot of people like it and it’s done really well. You just gotta trust us that we’re telling a story and you’ll get the answers that you want.”