The Spoiling Dead Fans are known for posting spoilers about the hit AMC show “The Walking Dead,” but don’t expect to hear anything about who they think Negan killed with his barbed wire bat Lucille. Fans will most likely have to wait until the show returns in October to find out which character meets a grisly death.

On Sunday, the Spoiling Dead Fans posted on its Facebook page that AMC fired off a cease and desist letter banning them from sharing predictions about how the Season 6 finale plays out. As you’ll recall, the season ended with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his gang lined up in a row as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) swung his bat at one of their heads. Of course, it wasn’t revealed which character Negan hit.

“Their stance is that making such a prediction would be considered copyright infringement,” the group wrote. “AMC tells us that we made some claim somewhere that says we received ‘copyrighted protected, trade secret information about the most critical plot information in the unreleased season of ‘The Walking Dead’ and that we announced we were going to disclose this protected information ... The truth is, we have become victims of our own success. We hold a track record for accuracy and now AMC perceives us as a threat.”

According to the group, AMC is so serious about keeping certain plots and storylines from leaking that the network allegedly reverted to bullying members of the Spoiling Dead Fans. “AMC has filed several wrongful DMCA notes against us ... hired investigators to intimidate our members, and threatened our local members with arrest, among other questionable acts,” the group said. “They have exhibited every quality of a bully pounding its chest.” You can read the full post here.

The Spoiling Dead Fans wrote that they will continue to post information as they receive it, but won’t be predicting anything about Negan’s victim. The cast of “The Walking Dead” is also remaining tight-lipped about what happens when the show returns for Season 7. In fact, Norman Reedus said he doesn’t like talking about the Negan scene because it’s still too emotional for him.

“We’re a very tight-knit group,” Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, told TV Line. “And we take it very personally, because we’re in it and living it. Every time you see us crying on camera, those are real tears. It’s a whole day of living that s---.”

Lauren Cohan, who stars on the series as Maggie, also revealed during a recent interview that she’d prefer not to discuss the finale because it was almost like a “giant funeral.” She explained: “We just don’t know who that is. There was a lot of hugging and embracing ... during the filming those two nights. You can imagine ... We’re pretty broken up about the whole thing.”