Lauren Cohan
"Walking Dead" star Lauren Cohan, pictured here at Z100's Jingle Ball event in New York City on Dec. 11, 2015, teased that her short haircut will be explained "some time." Getty Images

“The Walking Dead” is no stranger to killing off main characters, but don’t start prepping for Maggie’s funeral just yet. Despite speculation over actress Lauren Cohan’s short haircut, the AMC star confirmed that her stylish new look will be addressed.

Cohan, 34, showed off a pixie cut at Z100’s Jingle Ball show in New York City on Dec. 11. While the shorter style looks great on the actress, many “Walking Dead” fans began to speculate what the cut might mean for her TV character, Maggie. Some immediately feared that Maggie was going to be killed off when “The Walking Dead” returned from hiatus. Meanwhile, others were more optimistic, believing that the haircut mirrors the one that Cohan’s character has in Robert Kirkman’s graphic novels.

Whatever the case may be, Cohan promised Entertainment Tonight that her pixie cut will be addressed.

“It’s going to be explained some time,” she told the outlet.

But what exactly does that mean? Lauren Cohan didn’t clarify if her haircut will be explained on the series or off screen at a later date.

Although it’s easy to suspect the worst and believe that Maggie won’t survive the fall of Alexandria’s wall, the comics may shed some light on what happens to the character. So far Maggie is still alive in Kirkman’s graphic novels. But, of course, it’s important to remember that AMC’s “Walking Dead” doesn’t exactly follow the pages of the comics. The show has created new characters and different situations over the past six seasons.


In the comics Maggie does have a short haircut similar to the one that Cohan is sporting. The character initially had longer hair, but cut it with Glenn (Steven Yeun) while at the prison. The two decided to make the change as a way of adapting to the new world they’re living in.

Maggie and Glenn’s relationship throughout the comics is pretty similar to that of the show. The only real difference is that Maggie attempted suicide after the loss of her family, and her relationship with Glenn became rocky after that. Her and Glenn also began to care for Carol’s daughter, Sophia, after her death. On the show Carol is still alive, but Sophia is dead.

The show is currently pulling from the pages of the graphic novels by making Maggie pregnant. It’s unclear what will happen next, but in the comics Glenn encourages Maggie to move to another survivor community called the Hilltop Colony. Glenn thought that Maggie and their unborn child would be safer there, but Glenn didn’t take into account his own safety. He’s killed by a villain named Negan, who leads a group of people called the Saviors.

Both Negan and the Hilltop Colony will be introduced during the second half of Season 6. Right now it’s unknown if the AMC series will have Negan kill Glenn, or if another character will be substituted to keep comic readers on their toes. If Glenn does die, Maggie’s haircut could signify a time jump or way to mourn her husband. But as fans previously noted, the cut could also simply mean that Lauren Cohan was killed off the series.

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