If you were on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) at all this weekend, your News Feed was likely littered with friends sharing their “Look Back” videos, those 60-second video highlight reels of a person’s time on Facebook.

Some have found them to be a comforting way to remember a lost loved one, but for most people they are just a tad too ridiculous and cheesy. Are someone else’s Facebook highlights really that interesting?

They are if you're “Walter White,” the fictional chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-kingpin in AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, a comedy duo from Cape Town, South Africa, posted a parody of Facebook’s 10th anniversary videos, featuring a look back on the life of Heisenberg.

The video comes complete with pictures and mock-status updates set to same “inspirational” instrumental music Facebook used in each of its customized Look Back videos.

As it goes with the Internet, not everyone got the joke. One of the top comments on the video comes from a YouTube member who just wants to make sure the world knows the truth behind this Facebook video.

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