Jonathan Koppenhaver, 32. Courtesy/Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.

Adult film star Christy Mack is doing better after the alleged brutal attack from MMA fighter War Machine Aug. 8 that left her with 18 broken bones, a ruptured liver and a fractured rib. Mack was seen out of her hospital bed in Las Vegas during the weekend.

Mack can be seen in sweatpants and a black tank top picking up food, though several Twitter users angrily attacked the 23-year-old star and accused her of faking her injuries.

The alleged attack took place at Mack’s residence in Las Vegas and left her in critical condition. The 23-year-old was hospitalized after ex-boyfriend Jonathan Koppenhaver, aka War Machine, entered the star’s home uninvited and found her with a male friend. He then allegedly attacked Mack, leaving her with 18 broken facial bones, broken ribs and missing teeth. Even after weeks of recovery, Mack is currently unable to speak and is suffering from a ruptured liver. She confirmed via Twitter she is still unable to drive alone.

Koppenhaver, who proclaimed his innocence, remained on the run for a week following the early morning beating. He was found seven days after fleeing the star's Las Vegas home in a hotel room in Simi Valley, California, with a small amount of cash and a pizza.

Koppenhaver, 32, will be extradited to Nevada to stand trial for the attack. The pro fighter has maintained his innocence since the incident Aug. 8 and is facing multiple assault, felony battery and coercion charges that could land him in prison for more than 25 years if found guilty.