Jonathan Koppenhaver, a mixed martial arts fighter as known as War Machine, was denied the dismissal of 34 charges filed against him on Wednesday in a Las Vegas courtroom. Judge Elissa Cadish also told the 33 year old’s attorney, Brandon Sua, that she wouldn’t allow Koppenhaver to undergo a polygraph, or lie detector test regarding the events that happened on Aug. 8, when the MMA fighter allegedly entered the home of ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and attacked her and a male friend.

“Judge Cadish found in favor of the prosecutors, stating that there was ‘slight or even marginal evidence supporting’ these counts, thus they will be heard by a jury during trial,” a press statement released by Koppenhaver’s legal team said on Wednesday.

Koppenhaver was extradited to Nevada on Aug. 15, 2014 after evading the police for a week following the alleged attack. He has maintained his innocence since, despite claims he reportedly entered Mack’s home and discovered her with another male, allegedly attacking and injuring both. Corey Thomas, who was with Mack during the night of the incident, left with a broken nose and dislocated shoulder. The attack left Mack, a former adult film actress, with 18 broken facial bones, missing teeth, a ruptured liver and broken ribs. She documented her recovery on social media sites Twitter and Instagram, which included surgery on her nose and extensive dental work.

Koppenhaver is facing 34 charges for the reported attack, including attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping, reported Deadspin. He could face a sentence of up to 25 years if a jury finds him guilty.

While on the run last August, the MMA fighter posted several tweets that defended his actions, reminding his Twitter followers that he wasn’t a “bad guy” and was “fighting for his life.” He also felt that police would never “give me fair play.”

Mack appeared in court in November 2014 to testify about the alleged event and her tumultuous relationship with Koppenhaver. When asked if she was the victim of sexual violence, War Machine laughed and shook his head.

Koppenhaver's trial is set for Sep. 28, though attorney Sua hopes to convince Judge Cadish of Koppenhaver's innocence. The judge said she "didn't care" on Thursday, according to MMA Mania.