Ezra Miller: A Timeline Of ‘The Flash’ Actor’s Controversies
Ezra Miller: A Timeline Of ‘The Flash’ Actor’s Controversies


  • Warner Bros. made a big investment in "The Flash" and canceling it would be a huge loss
  • The studio doesn't have to decide the film unless something tragic happens, according to a PR expert
  • The expert advised Ezra Miller to keep a low profile so that people would forget about his scandals

Warner Bros. invested in Ezra Miller's upcoming movie "The Flash," but the actor's involvement in a string of controversies left the project in limbo, according to a report.

An industry expert believed that Warner Bros. is likely weighing its option on whether to release "The Flash" or not amid the rising controversies involving its lead star, Miller. The studio reportedly spent $200 million on the film.

"It's a huge investment, and the last thing Warner Bros. wants to do is have this [movie] go away," Gary Rosen, a crisis management PR expert, told People. "For this to go on the shelf would be an enormous loss. I would think they want this movie to come out. And since it's not scheduled to come out until June 2023, there's time."

He believed that Warner Bros. is "playing wait-and-see" and hasn't made any decision yet on whether they should cancel the movie or not. The expert said the studio doesn't need to decide now since the release date is still about a year away.

"Warner Bros. does not have to make any decision. I would advise Warner Bros. to hold tight," Rosen said. "We're around 10 months away from a release. They really don't have to make a decision right now unless something really tragic were to happen, which we don't want."

The expert offered unsolicited advice to Miller, telling them to "keep a very low profile." Rosen pointed out that what Warner Bros. probably wanted was for the "negative attention" to go away and for the public to forget about it by the time the movie premieres.

A surveillance video showed the "Justice League" star's involvement in an incident on May 1. They were issued a citation Sunday to appear in Vermont Superior Court on Sept. 26 for arraignment, CNBC reported.

The recent charges came after Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav praised the film during an earnings call.

"We have some great DC films coming up: 'Black Adam,' 'Shazam!' and 'Flash,'" he said. "And we're working on all of those. We're very excited about them. We've seen them. We think they're terrific."

Miller has been involved in several scandals. The studio remained mum about them, including their previous assault arrests earlier this year.

However, an insider claimed that there was an emergency meeting in April to discuss how the studio would move forward. They reportedly decided to keep the film on the slate, but Warner Bros. would halt future projects with Miller.

"The Flash" will hit theaters on June 23, 2023.

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