A swarm of wasps attacked eight members of a family while they were leaving a funeral service, killing three of them. The incident took place in the village of Tangdu in China on Saturday.

According to reports, the eight men of the same family were leaving their relative’s burial site on foot when they were attacked by the wasps near their nest. One of them, a 70-year-old man, died of allergic reaction at the scene and the other seven victims, said to be aged between 45 and 87, were rushed to a nearby hospital. Two of them, aged 60 and 87, died of anaphylactic shock during treatment at the hospital.

The other five family members were transferred to a better hospital for further treatment and reports suggested that one of them remained in critical condition.

Meanwhile, a video of the incident posted on social media showed the victims lying on the ground screaming in pain while being treated by the paramedics at the scene of the incident. Other relatives can be heard crying in the background.

Firefighters and forestry experts arrived at the scene and removed the wasp nest following the incident. The investigation was ongoing and the details regarding the species of wasps that attacked the family was not disclosed by the officials.

Pictured: Representative image of a queen wasp. Pixabay