Burning Man
Burning Man 2016 will host a live webcast video. Photo: Getty

Tens of thousands of people gather every year in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, for the Burning Man festival, a week of community, art, self-expression and self-reliance, according to the official site. This year’s event is set to take place Sunday through Sept. 5, providing days of fun for attendees enjoying the variety of themed installations.

The 2016 art theme for Burning Man will be Da Vinci’s Workshop. Inspired by the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries during the time of the Italian Renaissance, the workshop will focus on the rediscovery of science, humanist ideals and more historical happenings that shaped the republic of Florence. Florentines were known for their love of beauty, costume, pageantry, the human anatomy and praising public art.

Participants will also be invited to operate an elaborate system of human-powered gears and pulleys that will slowly rotate the Burning Man festival 360 degrees on a vertical plane, as if it were on an axle and spokes of a huge spinning wheel.

The festival's theme camps and villages allow attendees to create their own visually stimulating pieces. During the festival, participants are encouraged to create projects, volunteer and get inspired from the many installations on display.

Burning Man will continue to enforce its “Leave No Trace” policy where attendees are encouraged to leave no trace of their visit to Black Rock City. Although humans do not live in the area, it is home to many animals and plants and contaminating the area with litter is frowned upon.

For those who cannot make it out to Burning Man this year, a live webcast will be broadcast on YouTube where viewers can get the same experience without having to travel to the middle of the desert. Check out the live stream below.