It's the end of the world as Chloë Grace Moretz knows it. The first trailer for her upcoming film "The 5th Wave" was released Wednesday, and it looks like she's locked and loaded to fight off an alien invasion.

The 18-year-old actress stars as Cassie Sullivan, a girl who is trying save her brother from the invasion that has destroyed most of the Earth. The aliens, known as the Others, have come to Earth to take it and rid it of humanity.

You can watch the full trailer below:

The trailer begins with shots of a damaged gas station as Moretz is seen going inside the store holding a machine gun and looking through the debris for food. Inside she hears a noise and goes to investigate. She opens the door with the end of her gun and finds a man with a gun pointed at her. After a brief standoff where they tell each other to drop their weapons, the man lowers his because he figures out she's human.

"How do you know?" she asks.

"Because if you were one of them you would've shot me already," the man says.

The trailer also discusses each wave of the Others' attack on Earth. The first wave, darkness, causes power failures. The second wave, destruction, involves massive tidal waves and floods, while the third, infection, is a rapid spread of an unknown disease that kills many people. The fourth wave is when the “invasion” begins, while the fifth would be total extinction of the human race.

The Others are able to inhabit humans and control their actions during the invasion. Cassie must be wise about whom she trusts and has to find her brother, whom the Others have taken.

“If the fifth wave succeeds, humanity will be wiped from the face of the earth,” says "Ray Donovan" star Liev Schreiber, who plays Colonel Vosch, as a giant wave is shown destroying the Tower Bridge in London. "This is our home, they will not possess it."

"The 5th Wave” also stars Ron Livingston, Maika Monroe, Maggie Siff and Nick Robinson. The movie is based on the young adult sci-fi novel by Rick Yancey

The alien thriller is scheduled to hit theaters Jan. 15.