A deer made its way into a Virginia train station on Tuesday and startled riders as it managed to hop from the platform to the tracks during the morning commute. 

The deer ran through the Crystal City Station in Arlington, Virginia, around 8:30 a.m., according to a tweet posted by the D.C. Metro.

"Seems like *everyone* wants to get aboard the @Capitals train this morning! (Crystal City Station, 8:30 a.m. today -- this little guy somehow wandered into the tunnel & ended up at the station. Safely exited through the tunnel back toward DCA.) #OHDEER #ALLCAPS #WMATA #StanleyCup," the agency said.

In the 35-second clip, the deer is seen sprinting down the platform. Riders can be seen watching in awe as the animal scampers down to the tracks and bounces back to the platform. No one sustained injuries during the incident, the agency added.

A passenger looking at his phone appeared not to notice the animal at first but then backs up after realizing it got too close to him.

After the deer startled a woman attempting to apply her makeup on the platform, it attempted to scale a wall of the platform but turned back and dashed in front of a train as it pulled into the station.

However, the deer was unharmed and eventually left the station on its own through a tunnel headed toward the Reagan National Airport, according to Metro spokesperson Dan Stessel.

The deer likely made its way into the station via a tunnel somewhere between the airport and Crystal City from a wooded area nearby. Its antics caused train delays as conductors waited to enter the station, Stessel told the Washington Post.

It’s difficult for the Metro to try and limit animals from getting into the stations and onto the tracks, Stessel said. The tunnel is open and anything can enter it despite gates surrounding the area.

Animals are often seen on train tracks and sometimes it can be fatal. This usually happens at outdoor stations in the suburbs it’s "very rare" they make it into the tunnel and the station, Stessel said.

Deer A deer was spotted running through a train station in Washington D.C. during the morning commute. A deer is pictured running through a field on Feb. 13, 2018. in France. Photo: Guillaume Souvant/AFP/Getty Images