• Ubisoft officially released "Watch Dogs: Legion" on Oct. 29
  • The action-adventure game is available on PC, Stadia, PS4 and Xbox One
  • "Watch Dogs: Legion" players could use some tricks to farm ETO faster than others 

"Watch Dogs: Legion" players who want to dress up their operatives in a variety of outfits need to farm a lot of in-game currency called ETO. With clothing costing so much, however, players could really make use of these tips and tricks to farm ETO and faster than others usually do.

Hijacking Parcel Fox Delivery

There are lots of practical ways players could get ETO. However, those who want to farm it faster than completing missions could try hijacking Parcel Fox drones. To do this, one must control the delivery drones and force them to drop the parcels.

These parcels have different contents based on their color. Players could get a large ETO drop from an orange parcel, a normal ETO drop from a white parcel and explosives from a red parcel. Of course, players must use the Tech skill Parcel Fox Drone Hacks to do this.

Tear down the system in Watchdogs: Legion.

To maximize ETO, one could use this strategy along with a character with the Skilled Investor perk. This way, they could increase the amount of ETO earned per Parcel Fox drop. This particular perk is common among Accountants, so those who want to earn a lot of ETO should hunt these accountants and recruit them.

Other Ways To Earn ETO Fast

Players could also earn ETO through main missions and side quests. Completing a quest usually comes with a reward of at least 1,000 ETO, which is a large amount.

Players could also hack ATMs and safes. There are lots of ATMs in most streets in the game and players just need to press the L1 or LB button to hack them. Each ATM could give around 100 ETO.

One could also get around 1,000 ETO from safes. Unlike ATMs, however, these are usually within restricted areas, where players could be attacked on sight. Players could also get ETO by stealth-killing enemies. One could earn around 20 or 30 ETO by doing this.

"Watch Dogs: Legion" is set to be released on next-generation gaming consoles Xbox Series X and PS5. Ubisoft’s action-adventure game is now playable on Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.