Russian journalist, Tatiana Felgenhauer, was stabbed and is in critical condition. Notimundo

Tatiana Felgenhauer, a Russian journalist, was allegedly stabbed in the neck by an intruder during work hours in Moscow on Monday.

Felgengauer, deputy editor-in-chief at radio station Echo — an independent station, which often broadcasts views critical of the Kremlin — was rushed to hospital after the attack.

She had to undergo an emergency surgery Monday night. Although her condition is serious, she is stable, the station's editor-in-chief Aleksey Venediktov said, according to ABC that cited a Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

The radio station later released a security camera footage showing the assailant breaking into the office minutes before he stabbed the journalist.

In the video that was published on the radio station's website, a man clad in black clothes, enters the office, calmly hands over some papers to a person sitting at the reception. Then as the person at the reception takes the papers from the assailant, the latter suddenly squirts pepper-spray into the person's eyes and ducks under a turnstile to run inside the office. The video ends there.

After running inside the office, he took the elevator and headed straight for a green room, which was next to Felgengauer’s studio. Once the assailant reached there, he silently approached the journalist, grabbed her toward him and stabbed her in the neck, Venediktov told Novaya Gazeta.

Russian police described the assailant as a 48-year-old foreigner. "Initial findings show that personal dislike was the motivation," police told Interfax news agency, according to BBC.

The assailant claimed, in a video clip released by the Moscow police, that Felgengauer had "sexually harassed me through telepathy."