Several good samaritans were captured in a video, recorded by a witness on the scene, rushing to save an elderly couple trapped in a burning car under a tanker truck in New York on Sunday.

Alejandro Rivera Sr. and Carmin Rivera were driving along Route 17 in Goshen, when all of a sudden one of the tires on their vehicle got busted. Their Subaru swerved left, collided with a tanker truck and immediately caught fire.

In the video clip, several people can be seen running toward the tanker in a bid to rescue the couple trapped in the car. The couple was successfully rescued eventually.

"Everybody just ran across the highway, even with flames coming out of the gas tank from the car," Jackie Welch, the witness who recorded the video, told ABC affiliate WABC . "Nobody knew if it was going to blow up, or if it was a fuel tanker and nobody cared."

Welch’s son-in-law was one of the three people who crawled underneath the tanker truck in an attempt to rescue the couple. Soon more bystanders rushed over to help.

"[They] ran over without even thinking, even with the flames," Welch said. "Nobody really knew what the tanker was carrying. They got the people out of the car and next thing you know somebody was screaming, ‘Get back, get back' and the gas tank just blew up on the car.”

As it turned out, the truck in question was filled with liquid sugar and not fuel, something that might have fuelled the blaze, not giving enough time to the people for the rescue.

Alejandro Rivera Jr. told WABC Monday that he was grateful to all the people who stepped forward in the hour of need, and without whose help his parents, who have been married for 56 years, would have been dead. "Without their help, my parents would certainly not be here today," he said.

The couple was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. While Carmin sustained head trauma and is in intensive care, Alejandro suffered a broken back, broken ribs and a broken ankle, ABC reported.