Orlando Bloom definitely had a blast on Easter Sunday. The Hollywood actor attended a gathering of his family and closest friends for some fun and games for Easter celebration.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star took to social media afterward to share some of their activities at the party. In the video clip he uploaded on Instagram, a blindfolded Bloom is seen whacking a piñata in front of the attendees, who are heard yelling at the actor as the candy-filled container fell after his first two smacks.

Present at the start of the video is Bloom’s friend, Neil Patrick Harris. The “A Series of Unfortunate Events” actor was the one who prepped Bloom for the activity. It seems Harris is aware of Bloom’s physical strength as he is seen scurrying away from Bloom after informing the latter the direction of the piñata he was tasked to hit.

While it wasn’t clear if Bloom’s son with ex Miranda Kerr, Flynn Christopher, was present at the party, Harris made it clear on his Instagram that he went to the shindig with his entire family. He even shared some snaps of husband David Burtka and kids Harper Grace and Gideon Scott from the event.

Bloom has been very active on social media lately. A day before the Easter party, he encouraged his followers to read more by posting a meaningful message about reading that he found in the book “Buddhism Day by Day.”

Last Thursday, Bloom grabbed the chance to show off a photo he took of his ripped body when he was still filming his 2013 crime movie “Zulu.” In his caption, the English actor claimed that he kept the photo, not for vanity, but for it to remind him that he can always go back to the same fit body frame if he wants to.

Bloom also expressed his respect for people who can maintain their body and healthy lifestyle. He then revealed that he is now working hard to get back in shape as part of his preparations for the upcoming West End revival of Tracy Letts’ “Killer Joe.”

Meanwhile, Katy Perry couldn’t help but express her admiration for her on-again, off-again lover’s abs. “Oh hey! I was actually looking for a washboard to do me laundry on,” the singer jokingly commented on Bloom‘s post, according to People.