Actress Mary McCormack posted a video of her husband’s Tesla spontaneously bursting into flames while on a road in California on Friday. She is married to director Michael Morris.

In the 45-second-long clip that she uploaded on Twitter, flames can be seen shooting out of the bottom of the car that was sitting by the side of the road, accompanied by dark smoke.

She clarified in another tweet the incident wasn’t a result of some kind of an accident but totally “out of the blue.”

The vehicle, which she explained was not an auto-pilot Tesla but a “normal” one was not being driven by Morris at the time it caught fire. A driver, whose name was not revealed, was driving the car at the time and it was “barely moving” in California traffic. He was able to get out of the car in time. No one was injured in the incident.

Sheriff’s Lieutenant William Nash in West Hollywood confirmed that there was an incident involving a Tesla catching fire. Upon arriving at the scene, the deputies saw smoke coming out of the electric car, accompanied by flames. The fire department was called onto the scene and the flames were extinguished within a short period of time, the Guardian reported.

Although the cause of the fire is being investigated, Nash said the incident might have occurred due to a faulty battery, because the source of the fire was the undercarriage of the car where the batteries are placed.

A number of Twitter users expressed their frustration at the incident in the comment section below McCormack’s Twitter post. “How many people need to die in these cars before it starts to matter?!?” one user wrote.

Another posted records of deaths that have happened due to various models of Tesla malfunctioning in the past:

Tesla said that the incident was “an extraordinarily unusual occurrence” and that it was investigating it.