Tim Kaine can play the harmonica. He can also speak Spanish. But on Wednesday he showed off a new skill: a mean Donald Trump impression. 

Many of the speakers in the 2016 Democratic National Convention have chosen to strategically tip toe around addressing GOP nominee Donald Trump directly. First Lady Michelle Obama reminded voters of the historical importance of Hillary Clinton's nomination, former President Bill Clinton's tried to humanize his wife and President Barrack Obama offered optimism in the face of fear. But Clinton's running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, went after "The Donald," showing off his comedy chops during his convention speech Thursday. 

“Trump is a guy who promises a lot, but you might have noticed he’s got a way of saying the same two words every time he makes his biggest, hugest promises,” Kaine said, launching into his best impression of the GOP nominee. “‘Believe me. It’s going to be great, believe me. We’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, believe me. We’re going to destroy ISIS so fast, believe me. There’s nothing suspicious in my tax returns, believe me.’"

Kaine, who was accused of being a dull choice when Clinton first announced the senator as her running mate, drew big laughs from the raucous convention crowd with his jeers at Trump. However, viewers on social media poked fun at times at what they called Kaine's corny sense of humor, chiding the candidate's "Dad jokes.

Even still, Kaine's speech was the most aggressive, direct critique of Trump by any of the major speakers at the DNC so far.

“Any party that would nominate Donald Trump for President has moved too far away from the party of Lincoln,” Kaine continued. “Folks, you cannot believe one word Trump says. Is there anyone in this building who believes him?”

The crowd chanted their response: "No."