President Donald Trump rolled his eyes and told an Associated Press reporter, Catherine Lucey to "be quiet" after she called out to the  president to ask questions while he was having a photo shoot with a group of outgoing White House interns in the East Room of the White House on Monday.

As the president posed for a photo with the interns surrounding him, Lucey called out to him and asked about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ resignation and the Republican healthcare bill.

Lucey asked "Mr. President, should Jeff Sessions resign?" Trump's smile immediately disappeared and he shook his head, rolled his eyes and smirked, as interns around him broke into laughter.

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Lucey then followed up with, "Do you have a message on health care?" The president then responded to Lucey with a stern "be quiet," which made the interns break into another round of laughter.

"You see, they're not supposed to do that," Trump continued. "But they do it, but they're not supposed to." He went on, "She's breaking a code back there. But they don't care. They don't care about breaking codes."

Just a few hours ahead of the photo session, Trump had called Sessions "beleaguered" in a tweet and also asked why his attorney general and Congress haven’t been investigating "Crooked Hillarys crimes & Russia relations."

Lucey's question about Sessions' resignation followed after Trump criticized his attorney general during an interview with The New York Times last week, where the president said he would not have picked Sessions in the first place to be his attorney general had he known earlier that Sessions would recuse himself from the ongoing investigation into the alleged links between Trump's campaign and Russian officials during the presidential election in 2016.

"Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job, and I would have picked somebody else," Trump told the Times.

On Monday morning, in a separate tweet, Trump urged Republican lawmakers to replace and repeal Obamacare, a promise he made during his campaign, which he implied would be broken if they failed to repeal it.

"Republicans have a last chance to do the right thing on Repeal & Replace after years of talking & campaigning on it," he wrote on his Twitter account.

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Last week, Sessions responded to the criticism saying that he would continue his role "as long as that is appropriate."

Sessions recused himself from the ongoing Russian investigation, in March, after it was disclosed that he met with Russia's ambassador to the United States during Trump's presidential campaign last year. Sessions had not revealed this meeting during his confirmation hearings.

Trump has repeatedly denied allegations of his campaign having links to Russia and called it a "witch hunt."

Also on Monday, Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, senior adviser to the president, testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee and denied any alleged links with Russia. Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., have also agreed to testify in front of Congress after they had been accused of meeting a Russian attorney to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton.