Moments after SpaceX’s Falcon 9 deployed the AMOS-17 satellite in space, the spacecraft was approached by a UFO. Despite not showing any visible means of propulsion, the mysterious object was able to make sharp maneuvers around the spacecraft.

On Aug. 6, the Falcon 9 spacecraft embarked on its latest mission to space. For the mission, the spacecraft carried the AMOS-17 communication satellite from the Israeli firm Space Communication.

As the Falcon 9 reached its altitude goal, it deployed the satellite. Footage of the procedure was captured by a camera mounted on the Falcon 9’s second stage component.

According to the YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon, which was able to obtain a clip of the payload separation event, a glowing circular object appeared from the bottom-left of the video and started moving upwards.

Footage of the Falcon 9 spacecraft was compiled with clips of other strange sightings. It starts at the 7:56 mark of the video.

In the video, the movement of the object seemed very natural and looked almost as if it was a piece of debris that was dislodged from the Falcon 9 as it deployed the AMOS-17 satellite. However, instead of continuously drifting into space in a single direction, the object suddenly made a sharp left turn and darted horizontally until it completely disappeared.

The operators of the YouTube channel pointed out that despite not showing any means of propulsion, the object was still able to make sharp turns and increase its speed.

“How can it make a bank to the left unless it has its only propulsion system,” they stated. “The whole idea of this just being space debris, you would see it continue in a straight trajectory. But it does this unusual maneuver that defies any logic.”

Most of the viewers of the video commented that they believe the object was an alien vessel equipped with an advanced form of propulsion system. Some of them noted that it may have been inspecting the Falcon 9 rocket before it was startled by the AMOS-17's deployment.

Others, on the other hand, doubted the idea that the object was a UFO. Instead, some of them maintained that the object was just space debris that appeared to be moving on its own due to the angle of the camera attached to Falcon 9.

Dark Knight Satellite Detail of NASA photo id STS088-724-66 taken during Space Shuttle mission STS-88, described as showing an item of "space debris", an object claimed by conspiracy theorists to be an alien satellite, the Black Knight. Photo: NASA