A Florida man having car troubles found an unlikely visitor under the vehicle’s hood: a 3-foot-long ball python. Surveillance video captured Thomas Walsh finding the snake curled up near the car battery.

When Walsh got in his car at his Manatee County home Friday morning, it wouldn’t start. Video captured him emerging from the car, clearly frustrated and walking toward the hood. Walsh could be seen opening the hood and jumping back from the car in shock when he saw the snake perched inside.

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"Right then you will see his expression," his wife, Diane Walsh, told WTSP-TV. "He jumped back and he was freaking out, running into the garage."

The couple attempted to get the snake out with a hose without success.

"It just kept me moving from one place to the other," said Diane Walsh.

Eventually, they called Wildlife Inc. Education and Rehabilitation Center to help out. The snake, by then, had made its way to the wheel well of the car.

"We could see the body between the two holes," Devon Straight, a wildlife rescuer with the center told WTSP. "We turned the wheel, pulled apart the vinyl access to the metal space through here."

As for the car, the snake wasn’t the culprit. The Walsh family told reporters they had left the keyless car unlocked the night before. When Thomas attempted to push the ignition button that morning, luckily for the snake, it wouldn’t start.

After a few hours, the rescuers were able to get the snake out. Ed Straight, the wildlife center’s president, said it was one of the more unique calls they had ever received.

“Definitely [a] more interesting one,” he said.

Ball pythons are often seen in the Florida region as they are one of the most popular snakes kept as pets in the area. The snakes rarely grow longer than four feet long, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

Snakes captured on camera often make for captivating video. In March, a video went mildly viral after footage captured a group of people in an Indian village attempting to lend aid to a 12-foot King Cobra. One man could be seen holding the snake’s tail while another gave it water from a bottle and poured water on its head to cool it down.

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Though King Cobras are highly deadly, the residents said it was clearly desperate for water in the midst of the village’s third consecutive year of drought. The snake was eventually taken to a nearby animal shelter for treatment.