• A teacher shared an inspiring way on how to teach kids with life lessons
  • Jason Wilson taught his student a technique on how to face problems
  • Wilson did it while training the kid with martial arts
  • Netizens lauded Wilson’s efforts and thanked him for inspiring others

A martial Arts teacher taught a very powerful life lesson to his student during the training.

There are multiple ways of how a mentor can impart lessons to their students. Jason Wilson, however, did it in a very unique and creative way — through martial arts training.

The video of Wilson teaching his student how to focus on the problem and not the distraction that went viral online gathered praised by many netizens. Wilson shared the video through his Twitter account on Saturday and currently, it has more than 3 million views, more than 86,000 retweets and more than 218,000 likes.

Wilson was teaching the student how to effectively and efficiently deal with anxiety brought about by problems. He said that responding in “what ifs” would get someone into trouble.

He told the student to wait first before making a decision. He showed his student the difference between making a quick decision and thinking first before making a move.

The video gained many positive responses from netizens. A Twitter user with the name Enlightened Auntie said she loved Wilson’s peaceful teaching style.

Another Twitter user, named Anastasia, said that every boy should have a mentor like Wilson in his life.

Twitter user pennies for turtle thanked Wilson and said the video helped him see something larger than life.

The award-winning journalist and author founded the Cave of Adullam Transformational Training Academy. The Detroit, Michigan-based academy trains emotionally distressed, mentally discontented and spiritually in debt boys to become comprehensive men for the “Most High” through Emotional Stability Training.

Wilson’s EST focuses on weaning the soul for the man’s spirit to move freely and rule the responses of the soul. Undergoing the EST will expose the root of unresolved anger, anxieties, lack of focus and fears. The training will also teach the students how to confront and conquer these negative emotions with composure, according to CATTA’s official site.

Another video of Wilson teaching a student about being okay with crying circulated all over social media. Wilson told the boy in the video that it was alright to cry and that men also cry.

“Why are you crying though son?” he asked.

The kid said he cried because it was hard to punch through with his left hand. Wilson explained that regardless of how hard it may seem, there would be things that needed to be done as a man.