Wayward Pines
Mrs. Fisher (Hope Davis) tells Ben (Charlie Tahan) the truth about the town in episode 5 of "Wayward Pines" Season 1. Fox

Episode 5 of “Wayward Pines” Season 1 finally gave fans the answers they had been waiting for -- well, at least some answers. A combination of Ethan Burke’s (Matt Dillon) exploring and Ben’s (Charlie Tahan) orientation with Mrs. Fisher (Hope Davis) revealed the truth about the mysterious town – it’s 4028! However, the far-fetched explanation for half a season of weirdness left viewers with a lot of new questions.

Here are four questions fans have after episode 5, “The Truth”:

1. What Is The First Generation?

The episode was centered on Ben’s orientation at the Academy. Mrs. Fisher explained to Ben and two other students the truth about the town and it was little hard to believe. The year is not 2014, but 4028! Human civilization is all but extinct and the only bastion left is Wayward Pines. Ben and the rest of the kids are tasked with joining the First Generation and preserving the town – and humanity – for the future. The orientation ended with a cult-like initiation ceremony and Ben seemed pretty content to feel so special after a life in Seattle where “nobody saw [him].” However, there were some more frightening details in Mrs. Fisher’s apocalyptic explanation ...

2. What Are Abbies?

Mrs. Fisher explained to Ben and the other students that the mysterious creatures that took Sheriff Pope's (Terrence Howard) body in episode 3 are called Abbies -- short for aberrations. Abbies are genetically mutated predators who devolved from humans after the collapse of civilization. They travel in packs and appear to be pretty deadly. Ethan saw the creatures up close after climbing the cliff and wandering into the woods, where he also saw the ruins of what is alleged to be Boise, Idaho. Does that mean Mrs. Fisher’s story is true?

3. What Did Wayne See?

Meanwhile, Theresa Burke (Shannyn Sossamon) started her job as Wayward Pines’ realtor in episode 5, giving, not selling, a house to Wayne Johnson (Scott Michael Campbell), a new resident who had just arrived in town after a car accident. Déjà vu anyone? A confused Wayne confessed to Theresa that he had woken up between the accident and arriving at Wayward Pines in a room filled with sedated people. Mrs. Fisher told Ben the residents of Wayward Pines were chosen over 2,000 years ago to populate the town. Is the room Wayne saw a reserve of future citizens for Wayward? Is that where the Burkes came from as well?

4. Who Is David Pilcher?

Mrs. Fisher told Ben that a scientist named David Pilcher founded the town and chose each of its residents to preserve humanity. At the end of the episode, the psychologist, who up to this point fans have known as Dr. Jenkins (Toby Jones), picked up Ethan in a helicopter before a pack of Abbies could catch him and revealed himself to be Pilcher. Who is the secretive scientist? Is he telling the truth? Fans saw Pilcher/Jenkins meeting with Ethan’s boss at the Secret Service in Seattle in between Ethan and Theresa’s accidents, suggesting that maybe Pilcher and Mrs. Fisher’s timeline does not tell the whole story. He claims he will show Ethan the truth about Wayward Pines. So, perhaps episode 6 will provide the answers.

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