Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett kicked off their “Wedding March” Hallmark Channel movie franchise in 2016, and now they’re getting ready to premiere the fourth installment on Saturday. The film, which will air as part of the network’s June Weddings event, also stars Andrew W. Walker and Merritt Patterson.

In this latest sequel, Mick (Wagner) and Olivia (Bissett) are taking some time off from the inn to go on “a romantic weekend at the fancy L’Auberge on Lake Champlain,” the synopsis begins.
“Worried about leaving with the Russo/Atwell wedding coming up, Olivia finally agrees to go when Mick assures her he’s got everything covered. Duke (Aaron Pearl) the kitchen manager, will be in charge, and two of Mick’s music students will be on hand to help out.”

Their plans might shift, though, because Abby Russo (Patterson), the bride-to-be, is a nervous wreck. She and her fiancé, Rob Atwell (Walker), are very different from each other, which makes her question everything. He’s from a well-off family of lawyers and she’s a barista who can’t believe he fell in love with her. The wedding’s only making her even more insecure because they’re getting married in the same location where his parents had their perfect ceremony.

wedding march 4
Jack Wagner and Josie Bissett reprise their roles in “Wedding March 4.” Crown Media / Allister Foster

“Arriving early at the inn, Abby and Rob couldn’t be happier with their chosen venue, and Rob’s snobby sister Kelsey (Christine Chatelain) who arrived early to have her bridesmaid dress altered, couldn’t help but find the inn lovely,” the synopsis continues. “Too bad she wasn’t as enthusiastic about any of Abby’s other choices, including her wedding gown. Second-guessing everything, Abby tells Duke she’d like to make a few changes… If things weren’t chaotic enough, Olivia’s daughter Grace (Emily Tennant) and her boyfriend Eric (Blair Penner) show up to announce they’re getting married! Worried about everything, Duke calls Mick, who decides to put their romantic getaway on hold.”

Splitting up their duties, Mick handles Abby’s changes, while Olivia spends time with Grace. Unfortunately, things start to go even more downhill for Abby and Rob’s wedding when they see that the tent they were going to use is full of mold and none of the nearby resorts want to help. To top it off, the flowers Abby wants are not in season.

That’s not the only drama happening at the inn, though. “Mick must help Olivia deal with the fact that her future son-in-law is going on tour with his band, just like Mick did years ago,” the synopsis continues. “Even worse, Grace is going to accompany Eric, stirring up a lot of feelings in Olivia. It’s becoming very clear that Mick and Olivia are certainly going to need a romantic getaway when this wedding weekend is over, but first, they’ve got to get through all the changes and – unchanges – that must be made to make Rob and Abby’s wedding truly memorable.”

Once the two can get everything fixed and ready to go, Mick just might find the right moment to surprise Olivia with “something he’s been holding onto.”

“The Wedding March 4: Something Old, Something New” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.