The fantasy suite dates allow “The Bachelorette” and her finalists to enjoy time together away from ABC’s cameras before possibly becoming engaged. And while this private time is typically spent being intimate or taking about private matters, this year’s lead, Rachel Lindsay, reportedly used her moments alone with her final three men to ask about finances.

“Rachel is a very logical person and wanted to use her time off camera to get honest answers to her burning questions,” In Touch Weekly reported in their July 31 edition. “Rachel said she wanted to get down to the serious stuff in the fantasy suites.”

That “serious stuff” seemed to include how much her final three make and if they’re good standing with their credit. “She asked them about their credit scores and how much money they make,” an insider told the publication of Rachel’s fantasy suite inquiries to her men Peter Kraus, Eric Bigger and Bryan Abasolo. And that’s not all.

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Rachel also reportedly quizzed her final three on their religious beliefs, stating, “She found out none of them had an actual practice, so she asked them all if they’d be willing to go to church.” With marriage possibly in the works, Rachael is said to have also asked the men about their plans for children and their schooling preferences for potential future offspring.

The questions Rachel is said to have asked her suitors isn’t surprising considering her previous comments about her expectations surrounding the highly anticipated fantasy suite dates.

“When it comes to the fantasy suite, when I was on Nick [Viall]’s season, I said I wasn’t going to do it,” Rachel told People in May. “...By the time I got there, my feelings for Nick were strong. I was falling in love with him. For me, that private time was really important to see if what we had was the same on camera as it was off.”

She continued, “So if I move forward with it, it’ll be the person that I want to see if they are the same off camera — who I want that extended time and more conversation with.”

While viewers wait to watch Rachel grill her finalists in episode 9 of “The Bachelorette” on Monday’s Season 13 installment, in-the-know fans are already well-aware of who her rumored winner is.

[Warning: Spoiler Alert]

Reality Steve, a notorious spoiler blogger for the show, announced in June that Bryan would be the one who wins Rachel’s heart come the finale. After initially announcing Peter as the winner, reporting he and Rachel got engaged during the show’s finale taping in Spain on May 11, he backtracked in June, writing Bryan was actually No. 1.

“She is engaged to Bryan. That’s the best I can give you at this point,” read his report. “Nothing I say will convince people who want to believe she’s with Peter that she’s not and she’s with Bryan. All I can say is in two months, you’ll see that Bryan is the correct ending.”

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Monday’s episode will see Rachel brings her three men home to Dallas to meet her family. There, one of the men will share “his reservations with Rachel’s mom” — Eric admits to Rachel’s mother he’s never been in love — while another is “grilled about his sincerity,” according to the synopsis. Later, the men will travel with Rachel to Spain for the fantasy suite dates.

“I’ve never been to Spain before so I have no idea what Spain is going to bring to me,” Rachel says in the episode promo. “But now that we’re down to the wire, hopefully, when I leave here, I’ll be an engaged woman.”

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